This past week has been quite hectic, work , travel and generally been busy! The travel bit was exciting, as it was a last minute plan.. Tuesday early morning, we hit the road to Coimbatore, a journey that took nearly 8hours, with a few pit stops… We were tired, and felt like we had been on the road forever. But good company, music and scenery kept our spirits high. It was more so on the return journey, the path chosen was different, which offered a plethora of colours, and vivid skies. 
As we cruised along the Krishnagiri Chennai highway, the skies were clear, clouds white fluffly like soap bubbles, and the mountains seemed to be playing with them, probably bouncing them around to see who could push the clouds higher up in the sky…. 

Both were taken sitting inside the car, that was cruising at nearly 90kms an hour… What a ride it was… 🙂
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