What does Space mean to you? I did go around asking a few people this question and here is what they said….

M: Shelf space, space on the table to place all the items, whether i have enough space to sit in the living room when there are guests there

GD: Square feet only…

F1: Space is every around us, space is also my personal space, physical space [like no touching, being around people all the time] and ofcourse shelf space[which i can never seem to get enough of]

F2: Space is just space, you know!… you cant explain it in words… Ummm, garden space, working space, sleeping space, most important for me is parking space.. do these count?

F3: Oh, it has to be the space i have left in my external HDD for the movies and music i download… 😉

Well, the net defines Space as “A continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied: “he backed out of the parking space”.. 

To me, space means all of the above and some more.. more than square feet or garden or lounging, i need PERSONAL space, private space, where i am me, there i no one crowding my thoughts of the physical space. And i have realised many dont even know what it is.. They dont understand. To them space is simple math- you have 400 sq ft, so what do you want more space for? You have space to store all your stuff, and work, what more do you need? you have a place to sleep, and relax, what more do you want? 

Why dont they understand the need for SPACE.. the need for an environment where a person can feel at ease, where they can do what they want, a space that is all theirs, and NO SHARING….

Do you ever feel the need for want of Space? what do you do when that yearning sets in? how do you deal with it? and what does Space mean to you? Do share!!