There i was, a lone traveller waiting for the tour bus. As the orange bus pulled over, i hopped in only to find all the seats taken. There was just one left, right at the tail end.. Hopped across, and plonked in the seat, and was lost in the sights outside… Few minutes later when i turned towards the Guide’s voice, i was surprised to see 3 curious faces staring right at me..

“Did i have a stain, or was there eyeliner oozing somewhere” were the first thoughts. I stared back at them, following it with a smile and a Hello. They smiled awkwardly and turned away…………

Oh well, people~!! Guess they are just surprised to see a girl, a girl traveling alone, a girl traveling alone in Goa.

We reached Miramar Beach, and i was all set to hop out and explore the place, especially the peculiar statue near the shoreline. Had my camera armed and ready, clicking away at anything and everything that caught my eye…

And from there, we went to a whole host of other places… With every visit, i noticed the men smile more, and look like they wanted to talk, but were unsure how….. And finally, one of them gave up and said a hello in my direction… That was it… The silence was broken

Man1 : Are you travelling alone? All the way from Chennai? you are single? the questions kept coming… 

Man2:  You love photography? I saw you taking lots and lots of pictures…. I don’t have a camera, but wish i could show some of these places to my daughter, she will love them. 

Man 1: Ummm…. dont mind me, but how can i get a copy of these pics ,madam?

Me: Sir, i could email them to you
or i can send the ones on my phone to your phone right away…. 

Man 3: Oh, but we dont know all that… our office has one.. wait, let me call Madam, you speak to the person, and ask for the email address

To my phone? how madam?

Me: after the brief phone chat
Well, you can see emails on your phone right? i shall mail them to you..

Man2:  oh wow, here is my phone. please do take my email and send them no..
 Err.. would there be any cost involved in sending the pics? i’ll pay you for it

Me – had a *totally surprised and “wow, such innocent ppl do exist”* moment.
No no, no worries.. it will take few mins.. and no no, no cost
Sent email with few photographs from my phone…. 

All of them: * with big broad smiles* Thank you so much madam…Woww, i never knew this was possible… 
We will wait and see how the photos come from your camera to our computer all the way in Gujarat… 

I got back to Chennai and sent them the photographs…

A single line reply that i checked on my Blackberry ” Thank you so much madam, the places look so lovely, take care… xyz”

Simple pleasures in Life~~ 

The power of Internet… It is so vast, it is so magical, and yes, it is amazing connecting us to those across miles…. So easy and so much fun~!! 

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