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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An evening with a 6yr old

Last friday, i was invited by a friend to come attend the Varalakshmi Puja.. Am not too big on these functions, but i did go [am that kind of sweet girl, you see], and while there, most of the time i was yapping away with their  6yr old R, who i've met a few times earlier, but dint really speak to him... That evening, he was yakking away, talking about his friends, school, the teeth he had pulled out thanks to which he got to miss a day of school and yada yada yada.... Then his dad, also a friend joined us and eventually the conversation steered towards movies. Casually, i asked R if he would like to go see a movie with me, and instantly he replied "yes, can we go?" "I want to see Madagascar 3, not Ice Age 4,ok?"

Who is R's dad? Well, he is R Sr is a friend i found through Twitter, but again one of those with whom i connected so well... Have been to his house a few times, met his wife-A, dined, and well, they are a lovely bunch of friends am lucky to have found :) Also made a few other good friends through them!!

I told him "yes" but also set the expectation "i shall speak to your parents, confirm a time, book tickets and we shall go, ok?"

[His folks were surprised he agreed for a movie with me.... they were very unsure till last minute if he actually will go through with it... and i was surprised he said Yes, even though he doesnt really know me too well...] :-) *you bet am beaming*

He grinned and i left with this thought lingering in my mind. 

Since it was Friday, there were no tickets for the weekend, therefore i started looking for tickets for Tuesday [i had work on Monday].. It so happened, there were tickets for the 4.30pm show. I instantly messaged R's folks, asking them about it and went ahead, booked the tickets!! Yipee!! 

Tuesday dawned, R's mom called to confirm about the movie plan.. And at 3.30pm i was at their doorstep to pick up R... The movie was at Express Avenue- Escape Cinemas... 

During the journey to the venue, and while waiting, we did some idle chat, mostly me asking him about his friends, what he did in the evening etc etc... Guess his mom had given him the "behave yourselff, or else..." chat and he was so chamathu [well mannered/behaved] and quiet... All he wanted was  tub of popcorn and he was happy... [And while waiting, i asked if he would like to come back to watch Ice Age 4, he very clearly replied - Nope, i am not too fond of that series, have seen 1,2, and 3, dont like it too much]

Sat through the movie, though i guess towards the end he got a bit sleepy.. Munched on popcorn, wore his 3D glasses on & off [said he sometimes gets headaches] and laughed through the movie... I love animated movies and so watching this for the 2nd time was a treat!!  

PS: I have taken kids to movies, but everytime is a different experience. The last time was my friend's 2 kids [ a boy & a girl] along with her nieces [2 of them] to watch Monsters Vs Aliens- the tiniest was my friend's daughter and she is more than a handful [during the interval when everyone else wanted popcorn, puff, and eclair, she wanted Idli... lol] 

There is one more little err not so little, but a bundle nevertheless that i would love to take to a movie, he's yet to see one in big screen.. hopefully soon!! :)

What i took away from this experience:
  •  Kids have so much clarity in thought, it amazes me
  • Kids go with the flow and dont expect anything more than what they want [they dont expect you to go out of your way to please them, buy them stuff, etc]
  • Kids do listen to their parents [this guy said No when i asked him if he wanted something to eat, chocolate or something else.... and finally when i did probe asking "did amma tell you not to ask anything" he very silently replied "yes"] 
  • Kids, at times make better company than adults... :)


gils said...

enna pathi solrathukku vituteengalay :D

anits said...

nice blog and i know which little brat u r referring to :)

Rahul Sharma said...

Ok guys. I'm that friend. 'R'. And the other 'R' is Ranveer my son! I'm glad aarti took him along. And since yesterday ranveers been asking me if he can see the next toy story installment with Aarti. I just cannot say no! Aarti has her own way with kids. And am glad we know her. The mother who gave instructions to the kid will agree!
Thanks again Aarti. We love you!!

Vidya said...

I'll be glad to out-source the taking-kids-to-a-movie job to you :-) The younger one hasn't been to a theatre yet.. The older one, I think will make a good company, given that 'books' is a common interest. And of course, the mandatory popcorn tub!

Anuradha Shankar said...

looks like you had just as much fun as he did!!!! and i so agree that its sometimes so much better to be with kids than with adults!

Shanmuga Raja said...

very nice post and the conclusion lines... i wish i am as clear as ranveer... say NO or YES with clear head

P.N. Subramanian said...

I am thrilled to learn about your experience with kids. Since I do not myself go to a movies, I never thought about it. However I have taken kids to a bird sanctuary and enjoyed their company.

khairy said...

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