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Monday, March 25, 2013

This Monday... Break out

Yep, I completely agree with this poster. Only when you break away, only when you take a risk, only when you step outside your comfort zone will you really LIVE life. There will be uncertainty  there will be chaos, it will be crazy, scary and some more.. but you will do what you love and that will make a difference to your life!!

Go for it!


Lakshmi said...

So true! :)

Susan Deborah said...

Today when we woke up, our taps were dry and no water in the taps till now (08: 47 pm) and we were told there would be no water till about tomorrow and I was completely frustrated. Without water, every single activity - toilet, cooking, washing, bathing and others come to a halt. I was so bugged and irritated because we weren't prepared. After I read this quote here, I wonder -- some people live like this their entire lives and for a day I couldn't take it. Today my comfort zone went for a toss. I'm learning.

Joy always,

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