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Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Monday.......... Pick em wisely

I love Mondays- there I said it. Actually, those who know me, know this about me. Some are surprised, some curse me and some just envy me for feeling the way I do about this so called dreaded day. My Mondays are always relaxed, fun, easy and good... [fingers crossed]

No manic, no panic
Just smooth sailing with the flow
that's my Monday wish for you :D

Submitting this for the Manic Monday theme set by Chennai Bloggers club!


Deepa Iyer said...

:-) have decided my mondays will also be like that !!

Susan Deborah said...

For me everyday is the same. Mondays or Fridays.

Good one.

Joy always,

mkris said...

Feels like a lovely start for a week :) Jus smooth sailing with the flow :) Happy and cheers for a great week :)

Ashwini C N said...

Mondays are probably the most cursed of all days. Nice to see someone speak different about this blessed day :-) Hope all your Mondays are as wonderful as ever!

Vidya said...

I love this quote AND your attitude about Mondays! Keep making life delicious! :-)

Anonymous said...

@Aarti: Wow now that's inspiring for a lazy monday hater like me...!!! :)

Divya said...

So inspiring! Now I know where to begin my Mondays from :) Your blog is truly an awesome's like a virtual coffee shop where you can just read endlessly and be inspired!

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