I love the Apple pie with ice cream at Movenpick, but then they went and shut the outlet. And then I was left testing the various other apple pies around town. Disclaimer: I  am not too fond of ice creams [ find them tad too sweet and so prefer such desserts or yoghurt based ice creams if available]
Anyways, a few years passed and I was happy digging into the desserts at various other places when one evening I spotted the shimmering white board and interiors of a new place on Nungambakkam High Road. upon investigation, to my delight, it was Movenpick. Yayy!!  But then, as luck would have it, I haven’t made a visit here yet.
One evening mom, gramma and granpa had gone out [temple, shopping, etc] and gramma came home with a movenpick bag.. Peeked inside and Whoopie, it contained a box of Strawberry yoghurt ice cream. I was quite impressed with the packing, there was a 2nd layer seal inside the lid as well. 

Scooped out the light ice cream and dug into it. It was sheer heaven. Fresh strawberry pieces blended with the ice cream. It was just perfect.  What a treat to beat the heat~!! 


53, Nungambakkam High Road   


Chennai – 34
Ph: 044 28279300 

This 1litre tub was priced at Rs 899/-

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