After years of yearning
After months of searching
After hours of deliberating
I have finally done it.

I now have a new address.
I have moved

And now can proudly say “I live on my own”
So what if I don’t own the place, for as long as I live here, this 1000 sq ft is all mine and mine only! 
For those who know me, they know the entire story, the why the when and the what… But for the others, here is a quick glimpse into the plot. I had been living with my grandparents since 2000, since the time I completed my MBA and while I have no complaints about living there with them, the nagging need to have a space of my own set in a few years ago. I wanted a place where I could host friends, I can cook what I want when I want, I can have sleepovers, I can put away all the things I own neatly and not have to lock them up in suitcases.

It has now been a month and I am loving it. I have had friends over for coffee, I have managed to decorate it to my liking and am also hoping to do up a small balcony garden and one in the kitchen as well [a herb garden of sorts] 
It does feel different, waking up to silence, nobody asking me if I want coffee or not having to put away the laptop to answer the doorbell all the time.

It has been a learning experience and continues to be one every day. I am figuring out shopping for one person, watching how much I spend, watching the amount of things I am adding to the house, being conscious of what I buy and where I store it. I am a virgoan, so no impulse shopping. I think a 100 times before purchasing anything, this extends from groceries to cutlery to art pieces. I am yet to pick up a clock for the house…

The biggest investment I have made for this house is the TV.. After deliberating over this for few weeks, I went ahead and did it.

It feels good to be on my own! No, I don’t feel lonely or alone.. I do miss Floppy, but then as I tell friends, I cant bring him here and leave him cooped up in a small apartment when he is used to being in a large house and open space. plus he is also the security at grandparents house .. Heck, I am only 5 -6 kms away 🙂

A quick tip for those of you keen on moving to your own space
1. Make a list of expenses you are likely to incur
2. Make a list of things you need and then go shopping
3. Have a budget and try sticking to it
4. Indulge but only if you are sure you can afford the added unexpected expenditure
5. Above all, have fun!! 

Off I go to enjoy the rains from the balcony….  

Wish me luck~!! 🙂