Maaria Kulsum and Adoniya have become a household name of sorts
in Chennai… 1st came clothes, then came jewellery, and then following suit
were some yumm cupcakes, cheesecakes and now a cute little cafe inside the
Adoniya store. It is quaint, small, and the kind of place that you would hop
into if you wanted a Chocolate/sweet fix. If you are still wondering who this
Maaria is or what Adoniya is, then I suggest you stop reading right here and
get out of your home/office/mall/etc etc and drive down to Harrington Road and
see/experience it for yourself. 

Tucked away in the small lane opp Little sister’s of the poor leading towards Mehta Hospital, Cafe Adoniya serves up a variety of treats. These range from Sweets, savories, beverages and wait for it- ice cream sundaes as well. Voila~!! 
You could hop in, grab a take away, or sit in one of the pretty pink chairs and savour some treats. While you wait for your dish, spend a few minutes looking around the place and you are bound to crack up with laughter… there is one on the billing counter “We guarantee quick service, no matter how long it takes”and then there is one more WTF- Where is the food? And so many more..

We started the evening with a few thirst quenchers. I opted for Blueberry mojito while others chose different flavours of Mojito, ferrero rocher shake, tiramisu shake and then some more.. Following suit came the lovely paneer wraps and the corny corn sandwich. We were nearly stuffed, but wait the sweet treats were on their way said Maaria- there were different kinds of cupcakes- chocolate, mocha and red velvet, followed by the 7 dessert platter that actually has 6 dessert items and one savory that breaks into the sweet palate perfectly. I also had a cup of coffee, it came in a blue cup & saucer with 2 green containers- one with packets of Sweetners and other with normal sugar. Loved the colours.

Don’t expect a fancy café or something that resembles a CCD or
Barista. Adoniya is small, cozy and that is what makes it different.
This cafe is open till 10:30pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Apart from Maaria’s treats, you will also find Zaica spices here.
15th Ave, Harrington Road, 
Chennai- 31
044 28360001 for enquiry or place cake orders
reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember
that restaurants and eat outs sometimes change with time, so does their food
and service. So, kindly consider these factors while visiting the places.
Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂