Just back from a tiring 3 day trip to Jaipur and Ajmer, the last thing on my mind is to get into the kitchen and whip up some dinner for us all. Actually, none of us have any energy left in us to chop, cook and clean up. One of my friends sugests take away. But then comes the debate of who wants what, one wants chinese, the other something light and one more wants North Indian comfort food. Gah… I ask them all to give me a minute of peace and quiet while I gather my thoughts and then it was agreed, we would all go for simple North Indian food that evening.. 

That is when I have a light bulb moment. I pick up my phone and go to the Foodpanda app, browse through the restaurants around the area “sarvodaya enclave”. Instantly, a whole list of places that are open and available around the area pop up. From there, it takes me no more than 2minutes to pick the restaurant, order the dishes and sit back waiting for the door bell to ring. 

Informing my friends to wake me up when the doorbell rings I decide to take a nap [ha, in my dreams]. The gang wanted to know about the food. I told them I had placed the order. They would not believe me since I dint speak to anyone, nor did I rant out a list of items we wanted. I showed them my phone, the app and the Foodpanda website.. One of them still stared clueless, so I took her through the ordering process- how when you open the site, you key in the city and locality for it to shoot out suggestions. And from the list, I chose the restaurant, then the dishes, and finally logged in to my account to complete the process. Phew!! it took me longer to convince them than it did to place the order 😀  

Oh, a special mention to their Live chat, I was stumbling when I tried to complete the order and that is when I noticed their Live chat feature, clicked on it and within seconds there was someone guiding me through the process.. beautiful stuff.. 

By the time I was done answering their questions about order, payment and delivery, the doorbell chimed and our food had arrived. Foodpanda is a cool site that lets us order food from the comfort of our home or just about anywhere. I have also placed orders while sitting in the cinema theaters so that food arrives just as I get home, nice and hot, neatly packed.What is more, you can either pay online or do it at the time of delivery! Next time you are stuck in a meeting and hear the tummy growl, pick out your phone, place the order and get ready to dive into hot food as you step out of the meeting! And if you are one of those who just cant decide on the restaurant, simply choose your favorite cuisine and let the site give you options!! Yayy to those crazy days when you are hungry but dont know what you want… 
And if you were to check out their site, there is a whole section that shows off the various deals and offers across restaurants. 

If you live in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, or Mohali  then you should check them out. A little birdie tells me they are soon coming to other cities as well.. Awesome!! 

Ah, sooper, I see you are already getting ready to download the app.. Got an Android or iOS phone- you go get it!! 😉