You walk in around 2.45 and see the place is nearly full. Now that is a sign of a place is doing well or atleast has managed to attract patrons. We were at L’amandier on Chamiers Road. After the fun photo shoot for the Deccan Chronicle cover story, we went looking for an interesting place to explore when I remembered this bistro. Even though friends who had been here earlier din’t rave about it, we felt it was worth a try. The tall windows with turquoise painted window panels, stoned walls and a very Bistro like decor, we were quite curious about the food. What was initially the plan to have desserts became a “let us try a few dishes” afternoon. 

There were also few tables outside and we were already dreaming of how lovely it would be to sit there relaxing with a book , esp since the road is fairly quiet over the weekends.

We were shown to a table on their mezzanine level, and there too we noticed nearly all the tables taken. This was a long table that they split for us. We were greeted by the owner Ridhi [hope I got her name right] who told us the menu changed on a weekly basis and they were still testing waters. The menu as of now is a one sheet thing- one side has a list of dishes under each category – Soups, salads, main & desserts while the reverse side held the set menu list, in this too there are the same 4 categories and dishes, only difference being the portion size.  While talking to her, we were wondering about the Tiramisu when she instantly offered to send us a portion to try. It was pretty good.

The set menu is priced at Rs 425 +tax for veg while it was Rs 475+ tax for Non veg.  Since we had eaten some food at Adyar, we spent time wondering what to order. I chose the Apple & Strawberry Crumble while the boys couldnt resist and ordered Prawn on skewers and Chicken Kiev. Oh, I must mention this other interesting thing- on the table was a small bowl with cut vegetables [ colour capsicums and cucumber] along with a small serving of Basil mayo [which was amazing]

The guys enjoyed the meats, I sneaked in the fork and stole a bok choy which was divine- smoky flavour and juicy. The chicken was sitting on a bed of mashed potato and few slivers of tapioca/sweet potato crisps on top. 

The crumble was WOW, we wished there was more and kept at it with the spoon till the bowl was wiped clean.  The bill for these came to Rs 805 [incl tax and they have it printed on their that they do not levy service charge]. 

Chennai sure could use a place like this and am sure I am going to be back there soon to try their veg dishes! 

Psst- they also have Service apartments above- Grey suites  

#57, Chamiers Road, RA Puram, 
Landmark: Right next to Cream Center 
Ph: 044 42827882