Compared to today’s task yesterday’s was a piece of apple pie.. err, meant to say it was fairly easy!! Ok, let me give it a go and see if I can come up with 9 things about myself..

1. Slow connections– I take time getting close to people. I might hang out, do a movie, casual meeting, concert etc with many, but there are very few with who I am extremely close with. And these are people I have known for years, or just felt comfortable enough to get close to. And if I am your friend, I remain your friend for life [unless you do something that goes against what I believe in or take me for granted and trample all over me]

2. Space– I value my space the most, and once again I am not talking about the physical space [well that matters as well] but am referring to my personal space. There are times when I want to just be, by myself, and then there are certain aspects of life that I am not comfortable sharing with the world and sundry. So, if you know me well, then you are an important part of my life and I value our bond.. 🙂

3. Dogs- Yes, I am crazy about dogs, they mean the world to me. I have one dog for now- Floppy [who lives at my grandparents house] and I miss him oodles. Seven years ago, on Pongal morning while I was walking to the nearest store, I spotted him standing huddled under a water lorry. I spotted him there after an hour, looked around saw none and brought him home.He is my sweetheart. As for cats, well, I dont really like them, but let them be as I have friends who are crazy about these felines.

4. Books – Give me a book and watch me drift away to la la land. I can spend an entire day doing nothing but reading. I used to be very possessive of my books, but now I am open to lending them to friends [again I am picky about who I lend to]. If there are any genres I am not into they are Sci Fi and Fantasy.

5. Travel – I recently discovered my love to travel. I have travelled quite a bit within our country, most of which was through school and college.  But since then I have been exploring quite a few places within Tamil Nadu and outside on my own, I admit that few were with company. I want to discover our country, I want to travel the world…sigh [ would someone like to sponsor my life?] . When I travel, I let go, I am free, I don’t care, I connect with locals, I love to learn the local culture, food and customs, and I am not one of those who needs a lavish resort to stay in. Give me a decent hotel with a clean bathroom and am happy!
6. Patient- For someone who used to be extremely hot tempered am now the epitome of patience. I seem to have bottomless pit of patience, esp with children. Sometimes am amazed at myself, but am glad I am so patient. I must thank Vipassana course for grounding me!
7. Time of the day – I am not a morning person, no way! You will not find me chirpy and peppy at 5 am, unless am travelling or going for a heritage/bird walk. I can stay up till 5 am and be happy and chirpy.. 🙂 There have been days when I haven’t slept a wink but been in a good mood come morning.

8.Google – I love to collect information, I love to ask 100 questions and learn about something new, and I do this all the time. There are a few friends who call me the local Yellow pages while others call me Google… I guess am just the curious kind who is constantly learning [not just about things/places around me but elsewhere as well]

9. Art–  I cannot draw or sketch to save my life. Mom is good at it, so is my sister, somewhere it skipped me. After years of being sad about this, I discovered Origami, courtesy a friend. And now I am taking baby steps in making Origami pieces… and am learning the art of DIY.. Yayy!!

Phew! Now that am done with it, it dint seem so daunting.. Until tomorrow.