I was in LKG or UKG, studying in TVS School in madurai when this new taste got into my life. At school, we were served milk and biscuits post lunch following which we used to take a short nap in the classroom. An aaya of sorts used to bring a big vessel and serve us milk in stainless steel glasses. I distinctly remember going in for a 2nd helping of the milk, eating it with milk bikis biscuits. Mom used to talk about how I would make such a fuss to drink milk at home but would happily lap up this milk at school, which was infact burnt and had a strong burnt flavour to it. 
I dont know why, but a taste for this kinda milk stuck with me thereon. Even today, I am ok to drink milk that is slightly burnt, I dont mind the taste… 🙂 

Do you have any such quirks ?