And with today, the tag comes to an end. Cant believe 10 days are over already~!

Hmm, the last one is “One confession”. Truth be told, I stared at this box for a good 10 mins but drew nothing but a complete blank~!  So, looks like I got nothing to confess, everything to be shared has already been said and done with! The only thing I would say is that “I am very Proud of myself” [if that can be counted as a confession]

It is not that am hiding something or not ready to share, I guess over the past few years, I have been slowly slaying all the dragons in my head, not done anything that I regret or things am ashamed of. People who know me will know that is the truth… I have done things I wouldnt have done few years ago, I have walked on paths I would not have stepped on, I have faced my demons head on, I have made peace with my past and focussed on today!!

As a person I have come a long way and am quite proud of myself! Here’s to a great today and tomorrow[s]

Adios all.