“I smell something weird” I announced. I know it, it smelt like wire burning.

The others stared at me like I had lost my mind.

“Nope, we don’t smell anything unusual, you are hallucinating, just chill”

I persisted. “I do smell something weird, it is coming from the AC duct behind my cubicle..”I said as I began walking towards the room with the power units. 

The admin in charge who heard me chant went ahead and instantly came out with a scared look and hands covering her ears shouting “Fire” “Fire”.. The CEO came out of her cabin and so did the others, piling around near the power room. 

I and few others went over to the elevator and brought in the Fire extinguisher and one of the guys instantly switched off the main power and put out the fire. 

AC was off, the power was off and people were standing around in groups wondering what was up, why the fire had happened and what to do next.. 

The office boy called the Electrician who came in a few minutes and began working on fixing the wires. For nearly 2 hours we were without power and finally things were back to normal.. 

Every time a person walked into the office they were told this story…And for those who were off, it was narrated when they landed back at work. 

The most hilarious was the admin girl running around screaming “Fire” “Fire” with her ears shut…