After a long hiatus, am off on a weekend trip… Ever since Dec showed its face, I have been itching to get on the road and explore a new destination. I had a place in mind, but alas was unable to plan and now the flight rates have hit the skies and beyond.

Consoling myself, I had decided to hit this town that has been on my “Must visit” list for quite a while now. I have had conversations with friends who visited here, some recommended it highly while others said “Cha, nothing there but empty houses, no point”. But the heart wants what it wants right? And so, I am off to this town, not so far away from Chennai to explore and see what it holds for me…

Started as a solo trip, but then plans changed and a friend is coming along.. The 1st time we are travelling together.. Excited and anxious!!

All I am dreaming off are long endless corridors, beautiful pillars, colourful walls, the palace, the temple, the church all tucked into a quaint little town. I have seen enough photographs and videos of the place, so now am ready to go say hello…

Any guesses where am headed to?

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