Dear Diary, 
Am back.. And this time I just want to talk about this decision I have taken. You know how there are some decisions that come easy and then there are others that just wreck us, leave us confused and lost. This was one decision that came easy, I did not think twice, nor was there any dilemma about it. 
It has now been nearly a month since grandpa passed away… With his passing, came the question of how grandma will manage.. We all knew she can’t live alone, and so the next question of what arrangements to make cropped up. One morning, I could hear the family in heated discussion about the future.. With each one voicing their thoughts, I couldn’t stand silent.. I just announced my decision and that actually seemed to bring some peace to them all.. 
So, yes the big decision has been taken.. I am moving back to Chetpet to live with grandma.. have begun moving my stuff in bits & pieces. 
Last week one day I got to my home a  bit early thinking I will do some packing.. I pulled out a whole bunch of stuff and then jus sat staring at em all. I was overwhelmed- about packing them all and moving out. It was a bit emotional, I knew I needed help. Called mom, but she was napping and so uncle answered and he promptly came over and helped pack quite a bit.. 🙂
Even though I don’t have too many things, it just seems like a lot. I had actually done up the space a bit and found a place for all my things. Now I was back to figuring out where to place them all and what to do with my things… 
I sure hope things will sort out and I will be at peace- with myself! 
Here’s to a new beginning! Wish me luck….