Me: Hey, am headed to IKEA today.. want anything?
A: You are headed all the way to Megabangna? 
Me: Yes.. Am on the train now.. 
A: Wow, have a Auntie Anne’s pretzel for me please. It is near the IKEA store. You can’t miss it!
Me: Okies.
This is the conversation I had with a friend whilst on the BTS.. And when I reached Megabangna, I discovered it was huge and I kept walking, exploring places, shops and realised it went on and on like a never ending path. Maybe this was the rabbit hole and I was Alice.. 
Finally I took a turn and was told IKEA was down the end and that is where I noticed Auntie Annie’s pretzel stall. I have never had a pretzel, but heard a lot about it from people who have been abroad. So, when I saw one up close, I was quite excited. 
I noticed there were quite a few varieties, but i opted for two plain ones and along with a drink, it costed me 25Baht [if i remember right].. I ate one and put the other in my bag and nearly forgot about the pretzel till we boarded the flight back to Chennai. The pretzel was soft, fresh and yummy.. I thought Pretzels were just the crispy kind, but this is where I discovered a whole different kind of pretzel.. 
What is that one new dish/item that you tried and was pleasantly surprised by?