Statue Circle, Jaipur

Jaipur city or the Pink City as it is called is home to quite a few tourist spots, Forts, Palaces and festivals. Oh and not to forget the amazing array of food and colours that hit you around every corner.   During my 2nd visit to Jaipur, we stayed at a hotel near the Statue Circle.. Now when we landed there, we did not know how popular this circle was. But soon, within a day we came to know of the popularity of this landmark monument. 

This Statue Circle is situated in the centre of the city and it has quite a bit of history tucked within it.  Right in the centre of this space is a white marble statue of Sawai Jai Singh facing the City. Apparently, the statue depicts the Kings love for astrology with different astrological symbols carved on it.  The Statue Circle got its name from the majestic statue of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II that it holds…There are quite a few hotels, eat outs and official buildings in this part of the city. Our hotel was 5mins from here and along the way we spotted quite a few Government buildings as well. 

What was also lovely was that our hotel room opened to the deer park right next door and we also got to see quite a few peacocks along the road, at any point of time!

Food Tales.. Breakfast like a queen!

For as long as I can remember, Breakfast has always been a defacto at home..Infact, during school days it used to be a mini lunch of sorts, which then changed to oats, porridge etc… But then when I came to high school and college, it became corn flakes.. And the saga continues even today..

I need breakfast .. around 8.30 to 9am is the time for it!

But then during the days when I was living on my own things changed a bit. No, I did not stop having breakfast, I changed what I had for breakfast.

On most days it would either be
Flattened rice [ aval] cooked in different ways,
Pancakes [with chocolate, apples-cinnamon, berries, etc etc]
Dosa  [ if I had batter at home]
Chappati [ courtesy leftover dough from pre night]
Pasta [ yes I have had pasta for breakfast.. lunch and dinner…]
French toast [ don’t ask the recipe, I made it the way I thought it should be]
Masala Oats [ now this is something that I don’t really like, the Saffola oats tasted a lot like maggi and yuvack… me no like]
Bombay Toast [ yummy but sweet]
And then ofcoruse the ultimate was Strawberry oats [ that i Love…God Bless Quaker for creating these].

And then there were days when I would step out to catch up with friends for breakfast.. We would grab a bite at Sangeetha or maybe the yummy waffles or omlette at Chamiers Cafe…

Recently, I had been to L’amandier to meet a friend and we decided to have breakfast there. They have couple of options go for the preset combo for veg/non veg or go a la carte. We chose the veg combo and she also ordered an additional Chocolate Croissant..

In the breakfast combo we got
Strawberry yoghurt
Baked beans [ toast]
Fresh fruit juice and
cornflakes apart from Coffee.

What is the One thing you love having for breakfast? Why?

Thursday Challenge…. Royal…

“SEAT (2 week theme)” (Chair, Sofa, Bench, Stool, Bed, Anywhere/Anyway one can sit,…)
This image was shot at the Krishnapuram Palace  in Kayamkulam… The palace is today a museum of sorts showcasing the various art, furniture, culture based items used back in the days!!
And this is a shot taken at Neemrana Bungalow on the beach in Tranquebar, a beautiful property where all the rooms open out to the ocean… 

Aham Bhumika – Making a difference..

About two months ago, I came upon this post on Aham Bhumika’s Facebook page, where they were
looking for someone to contribute about Rs3500 to buy shoes for about 30 kids.
I did not think much, mailed them, got the bank details and sent them the money
and was happy to have made a difference to a few children.
Well, what do
you know, Not only did they put up a Facebook post with the new shoes purchased
for the kids, but soon after there was one that was quite a rage. The children
had created art out of these footwear, painted them in a range of colours,
there were birds, houses and just about everything else you could dream off on
these. The footwear looked so beautiful, it made my day seeing the photograph.

Since then,
have been doing what little I can to help spread awareness about Aham bhumika.
They are quite active on Facebook & Twitter, sharing updates and creative
works by the children and the people they are associated with. It would be
great if you could spread the word as well, and if possible send them  some donation and help them reach out to more
deserving souls. Don’t worry, they send a thank you letter along with the note
for tax exemption as well promptly.
You can mail them on

Thursday Challenge…. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

“PLACE; 2 week theme” (House, Cabin, Apartment, Tent, Workshop, Office,…)

We were finally done with our trip and all set to fly back home. but the Suvarnabhumi Airport had me speechless. It was large, like freaking huge… I am sure it is among the largest airports in the world.  I know there is another airport called Don Mueang Airport, but did not visit that. 

This airport is like a mini city on its own. After we were done with our checking in, security clearance we walked towards our gate. Along the way I spotted a row of high end stores, and there were two of each-one on the left side and other on the right side. Bang on in the middle was the entire Samudram Kadaiyara story… 

The work of art depicts one of the famous scenes from Puranas (Hindu literature) – Samudra manthan [ churning of the ocean of milk]. It contains the story where demons and gods cooperated to churn the sea for thousands of years in order to extract the elixir of immortality, coveted by both groups. .. The Devas (demigods) are engaged in a tug of war with the Asuras (demons). Each side holds one end of Vasuki (he king of serpents). The centre of the serpent is coiled around Mt. Mandara and at the base of this pivot would be Vishnu, incarnated as a huge turtle.As the ocean is churned, a poison emerges which Lord Shiva drinks. His wife stops it at his neck which is why his neck is blue in colour.  

It all comes to an end with Vishnu taking the form of Mohini [a beautiful and enchanting woman who distracts the Asuras while distributing the nectar to the Devas. (yes, there was cheating back in the days as well). And thus, the Devas banished the Asuras into the underworld away from heaven… 

This entire tale unfolds in this beautiful structure that stands majestic in the airport. It is quite a sight to behold – Colourful, grand and mesmerising… 

Apart from this, the airport has a range of restaurants and duty free shops, all of which are found on either side of the departure lounge… 

Dear Diary, mind in a puddle

So, lots of things have happened since the time I spoke to you… I can sense a change in me, as a person, as an individual..

I continue to remain as independent as ever, just that I have now made peace with the world and stopped expecting things to be any different.

I have accepted the fact that certain people will always hold a soft corner in certain people’s hearts and I shouldn’t expect any kind of consideration from them in any aspect of life..

I have also finally accepted that I shall never hear a word of encouragement or acceptance from certain people who I thought mattered ….

I don’t mean to be rude or bitchy, but why do people care only about those who are needy and clingy? Just because I am capable on my own doesn’t mean I don’t mind a kind word now and then…

My going out means I don’t care..
Few others being out all the time means they are just having fun and it is perfectly fine

My wanting to go meet friends means I am or soothing
Well, I don’t give two hoots for people who judge… I never did , now am just beyond indifferent, if that is even possible..

There are few friends who care..
There are others who remember me only when they need something
and then there are others who are there somewhere in the background, fading away…

Well, I am not one to vent, but looks like I too vent once in a while..
Once in a Blue moon… Oh hey, I did take the effort to step out and see the moon this New moon day when the moon was said to be a shade of blue.. Was beautiful…

Anyways, won’t go on.. am done!! Mind is free, liberated is how i feel.. 🙂

Thanks for being so patient..
Toodle doo till next time