About two months ago, I came upon this post on Aham Bhumika’s Facebook page, where they were
looking for someone to contribute about Rs3500 to buy shoes for about 30 kids.
I did not think much, mailed them, got the bank details and sent them the money
and was happy to have made a difference to a few children.
Well, what do
you know, Not only did they put up a Facebook post with the new shoes purchased
for the kids, but soon after there was one that was quite a rage. The children
had created art out of these footwear, painted them in a range of colours,
there were birds, houses and just about everything else you could dream off on
these. The footwear looked so beautiful, it made my day seeing the photograph.

Since then,
have been doing what little I can to help spread awareness about Aham bhumika.
They are quite active on Facebook & Twitter, sharing updates and creative
works by the children and the people they are associated with. It would be
great if you could spread the word as well, and if possible send them  some donation and help them reach out to more
deserving souls. Don’t worry, they send a thank you letter along with the note
for tax exemption as well promptly.
You can mail them on ahambhumika@gmail.com

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