Jaipur city or the Pink City as it is called is home to quite a few tourist spots, Forts, Palaces and festivals. Oh and not to forget the amazing array of food and colours that hit you around every corner.   During my 2nd visit to Jaipur, we stayed at a hotel near the Statue Circle.. Now when we landed there, we did not know how popular this circle was. But soon, within a day we came to know of the popularity of this landmark monument. 

This Statue Circle is situated in the centre of the city and it has quite a bit of history tucked within it.  Right in the centre of this space is a white marble statue of Sawai Jai Singh facing the City. Apparently, the statue depicts the Kings love for astrology with different astrological symbols carved on it.  The Statue Circle got its name from the majestic statue of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II that it holds…There are quite a few hotels, eat outs and official buildings in this part of the city. Our hotel was 5mins from here and along the way we spotted quite a few Government buildings as well. 

What was also lovely was that our hotel room opened to the deer park right next door and we also got to see quite a few peacocks along the road, at any point of time!

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