Dear Diary
Am back… I know its been a while, just that I have been busy.. With what, you ask? Well, life ofcourse!! 
It is November already and am once again wondering what have I done this year that I haven’t done before!! What have I done differently.. 
I have learnt I don’t have to say “yes” to all who ask me a favour/request..well there are  few grey areas where I am left stumped [more so cos of those around me & the way they react/or rather don’t]
I have grown mature to not react and stay silent.. well almost all the time! 
It has been a few interesting months, exploring something new and finding things that jolted me a bit..
I have managed to make a few new friends.. especially when I thought I couldn’t make any more friends..
I still seem to have most of my sanity intact.. yes, I still do ;o) 
I am back to learning Spanish, even if it is on my own.. heck, gives me a reason to stay in touch with what I have learnt earlier.. 
I dont trust 99% of the people around me.. lessons have been learnt and boundaries have been cemented. 
I don’t get affected by remarks anymore.. 
It is good that I have a solid head on my shoulders that lets me remain calm and sane even when the water is brimming over.. 
I am happy I havent’ asked too many favours from friends.. I am one of those who would rather find a way to get things done than go to others… 
I take my own time and work on things witty rushing in head first and then regretting rushing in. 
I am enjoying my company more and more…..  🙂 
And finally
I love ME 😀 
Well, all in all I must say it has been a good few months, right? Am sure you can see the change in me…. 
Here’s to fun times ahead..
Adios for now