Book name: Rainbow in my clouds
Author: Radhika Lee
Print Length: 332 pages
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (12 November 2015)
year has been quite good, have been reading 
more than ever. Am on my 40th Book now and it is only April..
latest book I breezed through was Rainbow in My Clouds
by Radhika Lee
. It is not fiction, heck it is far from that. It is a book
about Radhika’s journey through life, the twists and turns she has been
through, her turmoils and  traumas, and
how she overcame it all to become what she is today.
Radhika Muraleedharan, aka ‘Mrs. Lee’ hails from Kochi and is
the founder and director of Nairobi International School (NIS), in Nairobi.
This is about 30 years of her struggle…one that seems unending, daunting and
certainly makes us wonder how she went through what she did and did not give up
ever.. She overcame an abusive marriage, dealt with a drunk husband, a sick
child, family troubles and work as well.
After moving to a foreign land at a young age, she works at
different schools, helps children beyond just what a teacher would do going on
establish three schools of repute in Kenya, not just any school but e-schools.
She had to deal with red tapes, banks, cranky colleagues and personal issues
all the while. Her tale is inspiring, in some parts I was in awe of how
persisted…The moment where she meets John Couch, the Vice President of
Education, Apple, who asks her to narrate her story [to conclude the conference
in Vienna, with 700 present] is truly a wow moment for anyone!
Her story gives other
women going through troubled lives the hope that they too can make something of
themselves, achieve something and go on to create a name for themselves in this

If you are looking for something to get you going, give you the motivation you need to push the envelope, then this is the book for you. She has written in simple language, and there are parts you will choke, gasp and smile, so be prepared for a roller coaster ride~ 

An article in The Hindu