Dear Diary,

Well, if you know me by now you know what is happening in life… I am at that stage I was a few years ago, where all i need is some space and some alone time.. yes, i demand some ME time!

Here is a conversation with friends from a few years ago that fits me to the T even today….

Me: No no you guys carry on, am not coming..

Them: Why why why, come na, it will be fun. what will you do home alone? will go bored.
Me: Trust me, I will be anything but bored. I have a zillion things I can do.. Go ahead.
They: Are you serious? You wanna be home alone and not coming shopping with us.
Me: Yes, we shall hang out tomorrow, carry on .. 
Well, I have quite a few similar conversations on a daily basis with folks around me. And I find it funny when they say we get bored by being alone. I guess they go bored if alone. I, on the other hand love being alone.. What most people don’t realise is that being alone is far cry away from being lonely. I am never ever lonely. 
You can put me on a planet alone and I still wouldn’t feel lonely, guess that is just me! Give me a book, some music and maybe a dog or two and I can live like that forever. Oh yes, throw in few bottles of water/fruits.. 
I loathe shopping, yes there I said it. I would much rather sit at home chilling than being dragged from store to store while you try on clothes. Agree, I have tagged along with friends more than once when they went shopping, but then those are far and few between [Thank God]. The only kind of shopping I enjoy and look forward to would be “books”. It does not mean I don’t buy things for myself or am an online shopper, nope! I do shop. But then I go to a store having some idea of what I want, find it, try it, buy it and am done within minutes. Ofcourse it is such a miracle that not many stores sell my size clothes or have things I would buy.. booyaaah… 
There are times when I go for movies with friends and pre/post the movie we would wander about [if in a mall] and I know for a fact we will end up in a book store sooner or later, cos thats the kind of souls I hang out with 🙂 I most likely won’t buy anything, but the joy i get scanning through pages of books is something that I cannot explain in words.
Oh and I have the set of friends who are married with kids who hesitate to linger post a movie or lunch. I tell them it is perfectly fine to spend a few minutes checking out stuff they enjoy and that the kids would be just fine. They feel guilty. I honestly feel that moms and dads too need a time out, need some ME time. Agree?  It does not make them a bad parent or spouse. It helps them get some space and not go bonkers.. While many of my friends agree to this, they still hesitate to actually do it or are constantly thinking about the kids or calling to check on them every 5 minutes.. 
Coming back to me, I am happy watching TV, reading a book, listening to music[not to forget singing along], playing with my dog, cooking something new, go out and have coffee on my own/watch a movie/sit in a park reading a book or writing a blog post [like this one maybe] and not worry about why am alone or what is wrong with me.. Well, one thing I would like to reiterate is that this does not mean am Anti social, no way! But I am not the partying away all night kind. I love hanging out with people, catching up with friends, going out and having a good time, but that works for a few hours, unless am travelling to a different destination and exploring the place 🙂

Right now, all i want to do is scream, shut myself off from this world and go away somewhere and be with nobody but ME~ 

What would you do if you were given an hour of Me Time? Go on, share…