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Friday, July 1, 2016

Art of Fitting in..

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” 
― Ian Wallace

Other person: “Why are you like this, why aren’t you like x or y”?
Me: Cos I am Me.
Other person: But then do this this that and be You
Me: If I do those things, I wont be happy
Other person: Doesn’t matter, atleast you wont stand out like a sore thumb.. I won't have to hear words from others.. 
Me: *Speechless, angry, upset, hurt…*

This has been the story of my life..  There are so many things I haven’t done , rather things that conform to the norms of the so called society which has led to arguments and disagreements, heck everyday is difficult. There are days when I wish I were living in a planet with not a single soul around.  I am so fed up of people and their constant judgments, questions, finger pointing and smirking..

All cos I choose to live life my way.. All cos I don’t fit in the box they are living in.

Day before was chatting with a friend when he mentioned he has issues in life cos he doesn’t fit in.  It struck me that I am not alone in this zone, there are quite a few who feel the same way.

Oh you are 35+, and still single – Good gosh, why are you still alive?
Oh you are gay, and are happy- Good lord, don’t come anywhere near me..
Oh you are independent and confident girl who doesn't need a guy to run her life- Good God, wtf  is wrong with you.
Oh you speak your mind – Goodness me, I don’t want anything to do with you.
Oh you are plus size but you want to wear a Tshirt/blouse and palazzo pants - Oh my, would you go change into something decent , esp if you are coming out with me.. 

NO, I did not make these up! Have had/heard these very reactions and it pisses me to no end.

And then there are those who aspire to live like me, but will not.. They are the pseudo piss offs.. They will all that their family demands and be miserable, yet will point a finger at me and shake their head disapproving..

Only question I have for these “sorted” souls in the world
What is it that stops you from doing what you desire?
It is most likely fear… lack of confidence…

Why do you want to control everyone around you?
Just so you don’t feel left out?

And the biggest question of it all “Why do you care what I do with my life?”.. am an adult who is living life the way she/he deems right.. I might regret my decisions [yet to regret a single thing I have done], but it is her/his life.. If you cant be supportive, atleast don’t be a pricklypear…

I am happy living my life my way.. There may be times when I rely on friends for support, but I do need someone telling me how to live my life..  

I choose to do what I do cos it makes me happy. Heck, even if it doesn't, its my decision.

The society is what we make of it, we are part of it, so if you want to do something different, something against the so called "norms", go for it~ And show the finger to anyone who dares pass judgement... 


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