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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Time and Friendships..

Time changes a lot of things, it changes how we look, how we think and even how we process information. Heck, it changes what we want/desire as well. 

What has also happened over time is the changes in technology , the influx of social networking websites- twitter, Facebook, instagram, pinterest, whatsapp, telegram, hike, and so on.. All of these has made it so much easier to reach out and connect  with. We dont ever need to lose touch with anyone, ever again, as the number of "online friends" grow by the day. There is something wonderful about reconnecting with an old school friend, or finding an ex colleague on one of these platforms. It gives us such an adrenalin rush that we bask in its glory for a while. Now I know a lot of people who show off how many Facebook friends they have or Twitter Followers. While on one side you boast of this, on the other side there are brands who are keen to connect with these very people, cos they seem to have moved to a category called "influencers" [whatever that means...].. But then, what is the point of having so many friends, if you are in touch with a handful on a regular basis? So, it actually looks like having the gazillion friends is not a good thing after all.  What is surprising is that there are quite a few of our "online friends" we haven't met ever or spoken to more than once.

It has come to a point where when we met someone, the first thing they ask is "are you on Fb?".. A guy you connect with on a  dating site asks if he can add you in on Fb.. Oh, and I have actually had guys from dating apps find me on Fb and send me messaging asking for a connect.. I mean, WTF~ Why this obsession? I know it sounds like am anti social networking sites, no way.. I love it, and have my moments on it but don't get this whole "need to be connected for the sake of it" phenomenon...I had recently written another post on how people have become addicted to these apps and I am not really kicked about the whole "being in touch" all the time concept. 

Again, am not saying Social media or online world is a bad thing, just wondering what is the point of it all. Therefore, it seems quite natural that time also affects the relationships we have and the bonds we have built in life. Over the past few years, I have noticed that the number of "friends" [people am close to, in confide in, I meet/hang out with often and of course trust] has dwindled in numbers. But this is a good thing. I am quite happy with the few that am close to, i have around me and don't really miss the others who were left behind. 

Yes, I do get the occasional message asking if am alright, how come no messages etc, but then those die out with time as well. 

It got me wondering- why does this happen? Is it something that everyone goes through or something that is just me... Within few minutes, I stop wondering and move on in life. 

I guess its just that over time 
our tolerance for drama goes down, 
we stop staying in touch with those who add no value to our lives, 
who have no major aspirations or dreams.... 
And those who drain us of energy with their emotional drama/mess...

It is only fair to me to have people who mean something, who care, and who are true blue friends... Otherwise, I would just be unfair to myself.. Am happy with the 4-5 around, eternally grateful for them as well. So, who is your 5? 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Battle with the body - VII

So am on a holiday in a different city now. A city that has a reputation of being ultra cool and the place to be in if you wanna have fun. Well, it beats me but still the world believes it is so… What do I know, right?!  

Anyways, today I was at a mall where there were these two girls and a guy walking ahead of me. One of the girls was on the plus size side, the guy was skinny and the other girl was petite. I commented to my friend on the dress one of the girls was wearing that it was pretty and I was tempted to ask where she had bought it. They soon walked away and we lost sight of them for a while. Eventually, we went into Krispy Kreme as my friend’s hubby had picked up coffee for us where I saw the trio seated chatting animatedly.

In the table beside them were three guys who were laughing and talking aloud, in tamil. They were passing comments about the girl who was on the bigger side and connected her with the guy, saying crass things- about who would be on top, and if the guy would get crushed under the girl, if they were into threesomes and so on.  It so happened that I got a call at that very moment from home and spoke aloud in tamil. One of the guys turned when he heard that looked at my face and immediately dragged his homies and they rushed away. He stopped laughing and face changed expression instantly. I wish I had captured the moment.

How disgusting. The trio was oblivious and chatted away in Kannada, which got me thinking that language too plays such a big role in our lives. If they had understood these guys or if the guys had commented in Kannada there would have been a fight [atleast I hope there would have been one]. It hurt me that people behaved in such a crass manner, without an ounce of compassion towards their fellow humans.

Are they just jobless or do they get some kick out of behaving this way? Why does someone else’s body become a matter of discussion? When did this become the cool gossip? I was also ashamed that they were tamil….

Why are people so shallow, so dirty minded? Is it age, or is it their upbringing or do they think it is cool to talk like this? Beats me…