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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 1 picture of yourself

Well, its that time again, the challenge has come to an end and it is time for the last task.. It says share a picture of yourself, well, the poster below sums me up better than I could ever have said it.. 

Until the next time.. adios~! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 2 Songs

I love Music, I need Music all the time, be it when am working, cleaning, reading a book or just about anything. It helps me stay grounded, helps me stay focussed and just drift away into a world where no one but ME matter.. :-) I have a gazillion songs in my iPod, but the playlist varies, depending on my mood and frame of mind. So, picking just two was a mammoth task, but managed to ..

1. My Favourite Things - From Sound of Music which is my all-time favourite movie is a song I love listening to over and over... 

2. I hope you dance by Ronan Keating  - A song where every word is beautiful, makes so much sense, especially in today's world where people don't really have time for anything, they are constantly in a hurry to get from Point A to B and onwards...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 3 Films

Am a movie buff alright, infant there are quite a few times I go for movies on my own. Dig into a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the flick. So, asking me to pick just 3 is an unfair task.. Anyways, here goes..

1. The Sound of Music - Maybe cos it was one of the first movie I watched, I love it to no end. We used to have a VCR of the movie and few decades later, I picked up a DVD as well. Love the story, the songs, the kids, the way the story pans out, well love everything about it... 

2. Bangalore Days [Malayalam] - Yes, we are jumping decades ahead. This movie I watched with friends [in malayalam] and loved it. Infact it has become my "Go to" movie whenever am bored, or feeling blah. Such a fun movie...

3. Inside Out - I love animated movies and this is one of my favourite. Inside out is all about a girl and her varied emotions, how Joy tries to over power the other feelings and what happens at the end. Absolutely adorable movie. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 4 Books

How true is this quote? I love reading and there are times when you will find me lost in not one but two books at the same time.. Infact, there is a running joke at home that you could leave me in a room with books, some water and lock me up- I would be happy..

Also, this challenge is weird. They ask us to list down Nine loves and seven wants but for books and movies, the numbers are 4 & 3.. lolz.. Well, I might cheat a bit and mention authors, but heck, if you are looking for book recommendations, you should follow this list and pick up any of them and thank me later..Here goes my list..

1. Enid Blyton - The mystery of the five find outers, naughtiest girl in school, the faraway tree are some of the books that come to my mind right away. I grew up reading these.My uncles would visit us in Tirunelveli  and every time they came, they were armed with a box of books and music cassettes and that is where my love for both began. 

2. Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute (Author) - A dear friend told me about this book and I hunted high and low for it. At the end ordered for a copy and within a few days had it. It is very different from anything I had read, quite inspiring and interesting as well. 

3. The Magic by Rhonda Bryne- This book definitely deserves a mention here. It is a book I picked up on a friend's recommendation and it changed my life [ not in a I saw the light at the end of tunnel, it called out my name blah blah kind]. It has 28 chapters and at the end of the chapters is a small activity to be done. You will see the difference within  a few days. And these are simple things, like make a list of 10 people/things that have made a difference in your life etc.. It is basically all about being grateful for the things/people/animals/etc we have in our lives and carrying the positive thoughts in our mind.

4. Haruki Murakami - How can I not mention him right? His books are interesting, off beat and his writing style is quite like no other you will find. My uncle gifted me quite a few and now my collection is nearly complete. I am already looking forward to his next book. Recently finished reading his Absolutely on music. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 5 Foods

Am not too fussy when it comes to food, but yes I do have certain things that I prefer over others. 

1. If there is one thing that I have put on this world to do it is to enjoy a good Apple Pie. Apple, cinnamon and a bit of sugar- now this is what I call heaven. Oh and it better be piping hot. Have been longing to try this at home, but worried if the pie crust will go bonkers on me and leave me in tears... ;) 

2. I love love Dal Bhaati churma and actually anything that is from Rajasthan. Love the stuff they use and the dishes- so simple and delicious

3.If ever there was rebirth, I would love to be reborn as Pesto sauce. Basil, Garlic, olive oil, cheese, pine nuts... ahh, drool!

4.  Well, what the heck, we are talking about food and drinks are part of foods..hehe.. A nice tall glass of Long Island Iced Tea made well will have me grinning away... 

5. How can I forget, my all time favorite- Rice and Thai Green curry.. 

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 6 places

Ah, how I wish I could take a world map, put a pin across all the countries/places I would love to explore and be done with it.. :D 

1. My personal space-  This is the most precious of them all. Wherever I am, wherever I am at peace is a space is cherish and treasure. I don't like others intruding or wanting to share it with me. It is not about sq mts or how many cupboards/fancy stuff there is, it is just my private space..

2. Chennai- The city I have come to call home. I don't think I can actually live anywhere else and yes, I am quite proud of my city and will defend it to the end with those who claim it is boring, no life etc..

3. The Entire country- India - There is so much to see, so much history hidden in the walls that I am in constant awe overtime I visit a town. One lifetime sure ain't enough to see it all.

4. Near the water- I find peace and calm near water bodies. I can sit, wander about or just be and I feel happy. 

5. Sri Lanka- The one country that I have fallen in love with. The people, the places, the food- it was all so warm and lovely.. I wouldn't mind going back here

6. Books - I shall happily get lost amidst the pages of a book ...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 7 wants

[image courtesy: Jakovlev`s Journal]

Hmmm.. ummm... errr.. Been staring at this box for about an hour wondering what my 7 wants could be. I don't really want anything, but then heck let me see if I can come up with stuff that would be good..

1. To always be happy with my own company... 

2. That said, I do want to be the reason a certain someone looks at their phone and smiles... :D

3. To become a good successful writer- people should want to read me!

4. Want to be able to make the most of the time available.. 

5. To never stop wanting to learn new things 

6. To always have enough to provide for the Doggies out on the street

7. Finally, I want to be Loved and Respected for who I am.. 

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 8 Fears


Am one of those who knows she has certain fears, but tries to overcome them, or convert them into strengths.. Here are mine...

                                                                  8 Fears

1. Being late - I hate being late to anything- movies, dinners, concerts,events, meeting, weddings, etc etc...I start getting antsy if I have made plans with someone and they are delayed which causes me getting delayed. There have been times when I cook up an excuse so I can go on my own just to be on time!

2. Losing control - To a large extent I can control my emotions, even my tongue, but there are those rare times when it escapes and I end up regretting it later. Something am working on, consciously and I see it being in my control... Just don't want to lose it one too many times.. 

3. People - As much as I enjoy meeting people [known and unknown], there are a few who put me off, who at first sight somehow give out vibes that don't sit well with me. And then there are a few who I just don't get along with, so overtime I go to an event/meet/function where I know this/these people will be there, I go with a sense of dread... 

4. Eunuchs - I know they are also people, they need to be given the same treatment etc, but the past experiences have left me scared and so even today when I see a Eunuch on the street, I hide and make sure they don't see me. Few years ago when I living on my own, the apartment complex was on a main road, and there would be a big gang of em along with other prostitutes/transgender folks who would at times block the road and not let us walk past unless we pay them.. Have also been accosted by them in the train, traffic signal and all this just rattles my cage. I don't understand their behaviour, wish they dint act this way but until i see/experience differently, this fear shall linger. 

5. Taken for granted - I hate, absolutely hate being taken for granted- by family, friends and others. And these days I get a sense/intuition when someone approaches me [with an ulterior motive] and I am quite blunt with them. Call me rude, but hey you ain't gonna walk all over me and get your way... not if I can help it.. 

6. Elephants - Gentle giants- gah~! I am shit scared of em, have always been [don't know if there was any traumatising incident that happened when I was small, or some such].. During my trip to Sri Lanka, we visited Pinnawala, the elephant orphanage. I was holding my heart in my throat as we walked in, I put on a brave face, even touched a baby elephant, fed it, walked around and so on... But all the while I was petrified, I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure one wasn't charging at me or running amok. In temples across India, wherever there is an elephant, I either walk all the way around it or avoid the place altogether. 

7. Bad travel companions- I understand you don't know how a person is going to be when you plan a trip, but then a few trips have taught me some people turn out to be the worst travel companions. They have a mind of their own, kinda force their agenda on you and well, make it feel like a trip you should have avoided or one that you could have done on your own. So, nowadays am wary when someone says "I wanna travel with you". 

8. Being ignored /unloved-  While I love myself, I do yearn to experience "love", the sense of being "wanted/needed" by another person..Sometimes the fear that my life might end without me experiencing this sets in, but then I shut it off saying there is still time, lets see what the universe has in store for me..

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge : 9 Loves

9 Loves

Onward we go... the 2nd day is dedicated to sharing 9 Loves... Love is probably one word that is over used, under appreciated and well, it also at times leave you feeling confused and in a muddle. Lets see what I come up with for today,

1. Dogs - There I said it[like you didn't know already :)]. My dream is to own a property/space where I bring in all them cuties that need shelter... 

2. Books- At any given point of time you would see me with a book. I read like crazy and sometimes read 2 books side by side. I wish I had this kind of dedication when it came to writing book reviews... sigh..

3. Travel - Ever since I discovered the joy of travel, I keep dreaming of trips, planning them in my head and well,some do happen for real. I have also learnt it is fun to travel on my own, explore and wander, lost in my own thoughts. It is something I tell all I meet- do a trip alone [even if only once]

4. Watching People - Be it at train stations, in the mall, airport, on the streets- it is good fun watching people. Their behaviour, little quirks, or just the way they stand/sit/read/etc.... 

5.  Apple Pie- If there is one dessert I cannot resist, it is the humble Apple pie. If you serve me a slice of hot apple pie I will be your friend for life.. :D

6. Walking - I love walking, infant there is a running joke among few friends about how I drag em around on foot ..hehe.. If the weather is good, all the better .. 

7. Music - I listen to music when am working, working out, walking, reading, cleaning, travelling, cooking, you get the drift right? my iPod has been with me for a good 8 yrs and going strong [shh, no evil eyes]

8. Experimenting with food - I absolutely enjoy trying out new recipes, new cuisines and indulging in street food. Am a vegetarian who loves eggs, so when I got to try Quail eggs in Bangkok, i did it with such excitement. I enjoy cooking and a food blogger as well [no surprises there]

9. Me- Save the best for last, right?! I love ME. Yes, I really really do. I don't care what the world thinks of me, or how they perceive me, but at the end of the day I love ME for being Me and wouldn't change a thing... 

Phew, now that was a tough one... 

Monday, January 9, 2017

10 Day ‘You’ Challenge: 10 Secrets

This was a Challenge I spotted on Mayuri's blog and thought it looked interesting.. The first one is 10 Secrets.. Arghhh, why does it have to be so tough. Those who know me, know I am quite the private person and only close friends know that little bit extra about me, looks like it is time to spill some of em beans here.. :D

10 Secrets..

1. I enjoy being on my own- being home with a book/music, going for movies, eating out, shopping, etc.. 

2. I don't really like to share my things- though off late I have begun giving books away

3. I have quite a few nicknames and it warms my heart when friends use em :D

4. I hate Jasmine flowers- I gag at the mere sight of em..

5. I love Eggs 

6. I am awesome at keeping secrets

7. I enjoy cleaning and being organised. Luckily don't feel the need to clean/organise others' spaces

8. I get the best ideas and thoughts when in the shower 

9. I hated history during school days and now love it 

10. The biggest secret of em all is that I am the most private person you will meet till you get to know me :D