Am not too fussy when it comes to food, but yes I do have certain things that I prefer over others. 
1. If there is one thing that I have put on this world to do it is to enjoy a good Apple Pie. Apple, cinnamon and a bit of sugar- now this is what I call heaven. Oh and it better be piping hot. Have been longing to try this at home, but worried if the pie crust will go bonkers on me and leave me in tears… 😉 
2. I love love Dal Bhaati churma and actually anything that is from Rajasthan. Love the stuff they use and the dishes- so simple and delicious
3.If ever there was rebirth, I would love to be reborn as Pesto sauce. Basil, Garlic, olive oil, cheese, pine nuts… ahh, drool!
4.  Well, what the heck, we are talking about food and drinks are part of foods..hehe.. A nice tall glass of Long Island Iced Tea made well will have me grinning away… 
5. How can I forget, my all time favorite- Rice and Thai Green curry..