My passport expired early last year and for some reason I dilly dallied about the renewal .. Don’t ask me why!And when I finally got around to it, all it took was a few minutes to fill out the form, figure out a day for the appointment at the Passport office and 10 mins to complete the process. Following it was the shortest wait ever, even my Amazon orders take longer. The new passport was in my hands in less than 3 days… 

I had to renew my passport and also do a change in address. It was currently in my grandparent’s home address, I was changing it to my parent’s house address [which is what I have used in all my other ID documents]

The Steps involved 

Step 1-

Visit Passport Seva Online Portal and click on “new user, Register now” if you are here for the 1st time, else use “Existing user?Login”. Make sure to remember your Login details – write them down somewhere or mail it to yourself.

Step 2-

Click on “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” link.

Step 3-

Fill in the required details in the form and click submit.

Step 4- 

Documents required for reissue – this differs based on the category you are applying for, so make sure to read the list and various categories before making copies of the same. [There is no need to upload them online as you have to carry the original along with a copy when you go to the office for the renewal appointment] 

Step 5 –

Click the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link on the “View Saved/Submitted Applications” screen to schedule an appointment. You will see a table with list of centres in your city along with the Closest dates available.Else, you can click on the calendar and choose a date convenient to you along with the time slot. You can check for Appointment availability here

Payment options:
Online Payment has been made mandatory for booking appointments at all Passport Seva Kendras/Passport Offices.
Online Payment can be made using any one of the following modes:
   Credit/Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa)
   Internet Banking  

# Fee calculator- This again depends on what your issue is. And if you are requesting for a passport with 60 pages, the rate is different from the smaller booklet. Check this page for the same…

Step 6 –

Check your email and SMS- Once you are done filling out the forms, making payment and choosing the date of your appointment, you will receive intimation via email and SMS as well. It will also send you a reminder about half an hour prior to your appointment. 

Note: In case of doubts, do read the “getting started” section on the website. 

Step 7 –

The Appointment day- On the date, make sure to reach the Passport office atleast half an hour ahead of your scheduled appointment. 

Why? This is to the person at the counter can check your documents and make sure they are all in order. 

What documents? – The ones you need to carry for your renewal – Refer to Step 4 above. 
[Link –]. Do remember to carry your old passport as well. 

What next? – Once you are cleared, the person will ask you to move to the next counter where you will be given a small slip that has your token number on it.  You take the slip and your documents and move into the main area.

What happens there? 

  • There are 3 sections you need to go through before you are done. A, B and C. 
  • You visit A section and relevant counter when your token number flashes on the screen.
  • The person at the desk will examine your documents, take your signature, do biometrics [ finger print of both hands] and take your photograph as well. 
  • They will then show you the screen with all information. Make sure to check and edit if any changes required. 
  • Once cleared, you go to next section and wait your turn there.
  • This is done twice more till you reach C section where they sign you out and give you the slip [given at the initial counter]
  • Near the exit is another smaller counter/booth of sorts. You give them this slip, they tell you if there is Police verification or not and approx how long it will take to receive your new passport. 

Step 8 –

You will receive an SMS once you reach this phase, and updates as your passport is printed and despatched. The 1st sms will contain a 15 digit number, which you need to quote to the mailman/woman when they come to deliver the new passport. 


Voila, you are done!! Time to plan your trip and pack your bags… Hope this helped.. 🙂 

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