I was in Boston just for 2 days and on the 1st day, I was up and ready along with my friend & her family by 7am. Since I had grabbed breakfast at home, I was good to go. The train journey from Acton to North station took about 45mins. The agenda for the day was Harvard, MIT, and Quincy Market/ Faneuhill Hall Market place.  By 12.30 I was on my way to the oldest market place in Boston, quite excited about all that I had heard and read. 
The atmosphere is just amazing here.. I must have easily spent about 4-5hours without seeing the same stall twice or tiring out. There are closed buildings with stalls inside them, alongside eateries and a large hall that contains multiple food outlets to choose from. And then there is this giant common dining area with tables and chairs and a beautiful ceiling. This is a building that has been restored and old boards have been hung on the wall, giving it a vintage feel. 
And if you step outside this space, you will come upon performers, more stalls selling interesting stuff-  jewellery made from flowers, wallets and knick knacks made with paper, art pieces, clothes, bags, and everything else you can dream off. 
And then on the far end there are a few buildings that contain brand stores selling products at discounted rates- Banana republic, Aldo, Old Navy, Crocs, Victoria Secret and few other brands I have only heard of. The beauty of this place is that there is something for everyone, literally~! 
I picked up a few souvenir stuff, a pair of Beatles guitar puck style earrings and a paper wallet that had BB8 print on it.Most of the products sold here were within $10 and so quite affordable. As for the food, you are spoilt for choice. The one dish that I saw many order was the Crab/clam chowder. I opted for the tortellini and it was yummilicious!! 
The most amazing thing about the place was they had a common area with games- table tennis, chess, puzzles etc and then there was a trolley of sorts with shelves lined with books and a couple of colourful chairs near it. It was the “reading room”. You grab a book, sit read and replace it when done! How cool is that right?  

More stories to follow from my trip to USA..stay tuned…

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