is a friend of mine- K, who has a cousin-M.
M is
into Civil services and is slowly climbing the ladder, one step at a time.
years ago, one afternoon when K & I caught up, she was telling me how this
girl is very clear and wants to write the Civil services exam, and has told her
parents to not push her into getting married.
though she is the only child, they have accepted her terms and support her in
time, I came to know she had cleared basic exams, was posted in Madurai where she
had taken an apartment and her mom moved in to help out [make sure she eats
well, etc, cos she has never been on her own and the whole single child
this was playing around in my head. I got curious about the Civil services, and
began digging around the Internet for places that helped kids prepare for the
exams and job. That is when I chanced upon Chinmaya IAS Academy, known to be the finest IAS Coaching
Centre in Chennai…
Spent some time reading their site and talking to a
few who have enrolled with them. Launched in 2017, they have quickly
established a place in the market and renowned as a place that offers coaching
classes for UPSC (IAS/ IPS/IFS/IRS) Examinations in Chennai. The place not only
gives a good foundation in the civil services arena, but they also train
students to equip themselves for the long run. The website is quite extensive,
offering information on the courses, including the syllabus and even mock
question paper that will help students prepare for the exams. Apart from these,
you can Register for admission, chat with an executive who will be able to
clear any doubts, or obtain more clarity as well. The best feature is the “Take scholarship sample exam“, which will be useful for those who are worried about financial implications but have dreams of becoming an IAS officer…

                                         Admission Registration and Online chat support 

                                                                        Mock questions

Today with the amount of technology and exposure that is available, students
need something that they cant find online. That is where this academy stands
apart, and why it is listed among the Top IAS Academy in Chennai.. The IAS community is known to not only consists of smart thinking people, but also those who are grounded and
clear headed. This is something that can’t really be taught but trained. Therefore,
it is good that such centers exist, making life easier for aspirants!

Talk about having big dreams and being able to realize
them with ease! Even though I am not writing these exams, just based on what I
have read, I would recommend this center if you are looking for a place to help
you get started.. Good luck~!