I am constantly fascinated by the things we humans do, more so women. Especially how things have changed over the years. There are days when I sit and talk with gramma about how her life was before they came to Chennai, what was the family life like, and so on. She used to tell me her father was quite progressive, he made sure she studied, fared well in school , played sports and was ok with the fact that she had a friend from a different caste. But then, like most kids back then, gramma too got married early, right after her 10th standard [ if I remember right] and moved to Chennai, to a joint family no less.

But then, going beyond gramma’s life, we talk about women across the world who were in leading powerful positions.  I shared my experience of visiting the Jhansi fort & Ahilya Holkar fort during my Madhya Pradesh trip.  Both these women are revered even today. Similarly, women who are in top positions in the Civil service are considered above others. The first woman IAS officer of Independent India was Anna George Malhotra, born in a small town called Niranam in Kerala. She went on to marry her batch mate, and since then many others have held this position. 
Recently, I was scouting the Internet looking for articles on women who had made an impression, or left a mark in the world and saw there were quite a few in high paying jobs and powerful positions in the Government- from Kiran Mazumdar, Indra Nooyi, Leena Nair, Padmasree Warrior and many others…. . That led me to dig around on various Civil service based training centers, which is when I found Chinmaya Academy Civil Services [ CACS], one of the best IAS coaching center in Chennai
What sets Chinmaya IAS Academy apart from others? 
1. The in-depth knowledge shared by experts in the field along with extensive coaching classes to prepare students for UPSC (IAS/ IPS/IFS/IRS) and others.. 
2. Flexible batches that allow students to pick the one suitable for them.
3. Focus on imparting a detailed understanding of the syllabus covering all subjects to the core
4. Helping personal development as they study, which will ensure not only are they academically sound, but also as a complete human being 
5. Mock exam papers to practice on 
6. Online round the clock support for queries or clarifications
7. The opportunity to interact with faculty and mentors to receive necessary guidance to excel in exams and life.
8. They have talks, workshops and events on a periodical basis- attending these will be insightful, informative and interesting to say the least…
9. Finally, they also have a blog where you can read articles around the civil service arena, posts that include tips on how to prepare for the exam, how to actually answer the questions and so on… 

Events listing..
Batch options

Well, it is therefore no wonder that many students are coming to Chennai to enroll with this top IAS training Academy in chennai.  It also gives them hope that they can go beyond their comfort zone and gain a position that will have them inspiring others and making a difference to the country!