Wine paired with South Indian food.. Yes, you read it right. It was a 1st time for me as well. We were at Dakshin, in Crowne Plaza, the restaurant renowned for their amazing South Indian food, opulent ambiance and the cutlery is worth a mention as well. Today, we were there courtesy Fratelli Wines, headed by Alessio Secci. The wines were from the Vineyard in Akluj, Pune and food from the kitchens at Dakshin..

There were starters and main courses, each one paired with a different wine- some were white, some were red, one Rose amidst all this as well. By the end of the evening, we were all high from the fun conversations, the delicious food we had consumed- aapam, idiyappam, parotta, veg korma and ofcrouses glasses of wine that had been downed.

During the course of the evening, I was asking Alessio if they had rooms to stay at and a tour of the vineyard in Akluj, for which he laughed and responsed ” we have a few cottages, I live in one of them and you will get to taste my cooking if you do come stay there, I love to cook”.. [wheels have been churning in my head since then , would love to do a visit. considering I loved my visit to Sula & other vineyards in Nasik]

                           The Menu for the evening..


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