The dessert counter near the entrance all decorated…

                                    Season’s Special menu

Assortment of freshly baked bread… plain, spicy & herbed

        Broccoli & Pumpkin Soup with a pickled pear hidden underneath

   Aloo Bharwan [with an interesting Italian style               creamy veg filling]

                                         Yamachos [Yam nachos]

                                           Tempura banana flower

                                           Malai broccoli & cauliflower

                Watermelon veg salad with side of garlic cheese bread

                                                         Veg Shashlik

 Spinach rice mushroom burger [Burger buns were warm & delicious]

                                                      Corn peas steak

               Tender Coconut Mousse, Baklava & Rum soaked fruits cheesecake

“Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.” ~ Anthony Bourdain

Well, he sure knew what he was talking about… for that is how we felt after the visit to Gossip Bistro as well. We sat there chit chatting, clearly an indication that we were not ready to get off the roller coaster just yet….

Phew, what a Saturday afternoon that was! A long drive from Kilpauk to ECR, and then a relaxed lunch that went on for nearly 4hours with plenty of food, conversations & laughter… What was supposed to have been a Full house was missing one person, but well, the 3 of us had a blast, along with Hari & Vidya from the Bistro. The afternoon began with a delicious soup, followed by a whole range of starters [ veg & non veg], some of which could well be a main course, but then there were a few main courses we tried which were simply yummy, like the Shashlik and the Burger [ the buns were warm, soft and literally melted in our mouth, we asked for another portion, and this time got to try the beetroot bun]… Through the meal, I grabbed every piece of watermelon and pineapple that was on the side, such joy eating food that is delicious & light ..

My last visit to Gossip was for the Onam Sadya & that was one hellova meal as well. Friend & I loved each and every dish, we polished off even the 3 cups of payasam served at the end of the meal, even though we were

Wait, we weren’t done, the desserts simply blew our minds away, especially the Tender coconut mousse [it was served in a tender coconut and was creamy, smooth & I couldn’t get enough of it, to a point where we ended up scraping against the coconut shell at the end] … By 4.30pm, we literally had to peel ourselves from the chair and make our way back to the city as we had other plans to be fulfilled..

It is good to see the place is consistent with their flavours, and each dish had a stand out flavour, texture and combination. Starting with the ying-yang soup [ broccoli & pumpkin soup with a pickled pear hidden underneath] to the Yam nachos, all the way to the Watermelon salad and corn steak, each plate was packed with flavours, textures & colours. As Waz said, no compromise on quality of ingredients nor have they taken any shortcuts in sauces or any other items on the menu. It shows and it sure impresses..

I sure want to come back here and try their Sunday breakfast spread, sounds interesting and very reasonably priced as well. Next time you feel like heading someplace new, or looking for options along the ECR, head straight to Gossip Bistro.. You can thank me after whenever you surface after your visit . 😀

Address: New No 141, Old No 191, East Coast Road, Uthandi [about 100 meters ahead of the ECR Toll booth]
Phone: 080565 55616

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit  🙂