I have been following Anita on Instagram for a while now and managed to even meet her the last time I was in Delhi. She gave me some sourdough bread & freshly brewed batch of Kombucha to try, which were both yumm.. Infact, I keep saving the recipes she posts on Instagram, hoping to try them sometime, but sometimes I dont have the ingredients [ esp the veggies/spices] and it just sits in my “saved recipes” folder. Recently, I saw a post on Peanut Chutney, and knew it was something that I would love…

We had a packet of roasted peanuts at home, other ingredients mentioned in the recipe were also available at home, so off i went to make a batch… Here is the recipe she had shared

Anagha Kulkarni’s Shengdana Chutney [Peanut Chutney] – https://madteaparty.wordpress.com/2016/10/01/a-peanut-chutney-from-marathwada/

500 gms peanuts, freshly roasted and skinned
2 T cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon hing
red chilli powder (medium-hot), 2 t or to taste
salt (to taste)

The process:

  • Use the Indian heavy-duty metal pestle and mortar, for pounding this chutney to get the right texture. To the mortar first add the cumin, hing, chilli powder, and salt, and pound till the cumin is crushed and aromatic.
  • Add the peanuts and pound till the peanuts are crushed and release their oil.
  • Chutney taiyyar! Serve as part of a Maharashtrian meal or with breakfast – in sandwiches, or as I sometimes do, with multi-grain cheelas.
  • This chutney is great with everything. [Even on its own.]

Note: Her recipe and process was all about using a mortar to make the chutney, but since we did not have one at home, I used the mixie and while the chutney tastes yumm, it did not have the color as hers [which was a lovely bright red]

I had made dosa with capsicum &onion, tried the chutney with it & it worked well. There is some left and we have been consuming it daily with rice/chappati and just about everything else.. even bread….