Well, there goes another year, leaving us wondering what lies ahead.. Am sure the world and their gramma has this thought on their mind. For me, this year has been absolutely fabulous, on so many levels.. [No no, you are not allowed to feel jealous or put kannu.. shoo shoo, go away if you feel either]

The year began with a trip with a group of women, and then it had many more trips with women [some of who I was meeting for the 1st time] snowballing into trips of a completely different kind as well. What can I say, I love the way the year rolled by, the moments and experiences gathered which I shall carry forward into 2020.

I have also realised that with every year, I grow, the way I think/process things changes, the way I look at things/people has evolved and I no longer care for material things [have been a minimalist for a few years, and love it], I want nothing more than time with those I love/care/cherish and of course good health to keep doing all that I love! Have also weened out a few people from my life, the number of close friends is now down to “I can count it on a single hand” level.. and these are all who matter~!

Many many cups of coffee, tea & other beverages were consumed/tried/experimented with,
Some insightful conversations,
Plenty of self discovery/introspection in between
My website is finally done and damn, it looks cool 🙂

Interesting & challenging things happening at the professional front…
Finally, blessed for the new personal connects…
So, Thank you 2019…
Here’s to a kick-ass 2020 ahead.. 

                                 Abandoned… At Rann of Kutch, Jan 2019