We are all creatures of habit at the end of the day, whether you like to admit or not… I used to be a high-on-the-edge-OCD-things-need-to-be-perfect kind of person, but that kinda changed over the years.. and today I can safely say I am a go with the flow, adjust to circumstances and DONT GET WORKED UP EASILY kinda person… I have read all about how successful people have a set of habits they follow, which is what makes them what they are, but we are talking about people..mortals.. lol

During this COVID-19 lockdown period, as I had mentioned earlier in the If not now, then when post, I am living with 3 senior citizens, and not one as I normally do. Gramma and I have been co-existing in this house since 2015, since grandpa passed away, since the time I took the leap from living on my own to moving in with her, since the time It just felt like the right thing to do… It so happened, the day before the full lockdown- March 22nd, mom & dad came over cos gramma’s caretaker called saying she was held up and can’t make it. Since am fairly useless, and of no help [according to my dorling mom & her silent spectators -aka rest of the family], mom hopped on her chariot. in this case, the car and came over [with dad].. But little did we know the news that night announced the Lockdown and so they have been here since then.

While I am extremely grateful they are here, mom holds fort [and loves it], dad spoils Floppy, giving in to his every whim & fancy and I can focus on the other mundane things in life – like my work [that is challenging & gives me immense pleasure], and other stuff around the house [ shopping, mopping, sometimes cooking, etc] .. I am finding it unsettling the way they are stuck to their routines, actually should call it regimes COS it affects me/us as well.

I do enjoy having routines, and I do have one on a day-to-day basis. However, I am open to changes, and accomodating other things that come my way. I don’t get hassled or stress over the change in routine. That is what irks me the most… People not being able to adjust, not being able to say ok, fine, I will do this now & that task after this is done.. They seem to find it very unsettling and unnerving, to a point tempers flare and words are exchanged.. not pleasant ones, mind you~!

Infact, there have been times when I have told people who reached out to me to just vent that they should put together a routine and see if that helps keep their mind calm and anxiety levels in control. But then, every schedule needs to allow for some adjustments. If you don’t have power, then you wait for it to come back before you can do any work that requires power, right? you cant whine and crib that power is gone… similarly, there are things that are out of our control, and during those times it makes sense to stay calm and ride it out. No point screaming, shouting, throwing a hissy fit, or any such tantrum…

Oh, and one other person in our family who is a creature of habit is my fluffball- Floppy… While I always knew he had his own routine [created by himself over time], during the lockdown it has become so evident he will not budge.. Morning by 9 am he has to have his milk, if he sees it being offered after the said time, it will get ignored. Similarly, 12.15 barks so he can be let inside the house, go take a pre-lunch nap in the front room. 12.50-1 pm barks again for lunch… These days when we feed him and the crows/squirrels as well… Again, he is back inside, napping in the front room till 3 pm. Dad also naps there on the bed. When dad gets out of the room around 3ish, Floppy will prance and head to gramma’s bedroom to nap there – either near the door or against the wall below the ac]…

Evening snack between 4.30-5 pm, wander around the house till 6, nap in the middle of the living room, or in the front room till 8 and then 8.15ish we want to be let out with our dinner. Phew~You dont even have to look at the clock, you know what time it is based on his movements/actions.. Amazing how they pick up these habits and it sticks with them… Mind you, I havent trained him in anything…

Now, I, as a person, I love my routine, but there is enough wiggle room if I need to make some adjustments. I also dont get hassled easy.. If anything goes haywire/awry or wonky, I just wait it out, esp if it is not in my control. And this is something pretty much all around me know as well. I am also not like one of those who is calm on the outside but panicking inside, nope~

Few more days of this lockdown and then hopefully we will all create new routines, new schedules… Let’s see what the days ahead hold for us..

Do you have a routine? How is it working out for you ???