How are you doing? All ok with you? These are messages that people in my circle would have gotten from me on & off over the last few months… Not asking them cos I wanna know what they are upto, but it’s my way of checking in on them.. 🙂

Life as we know it has changed.. I am just going to leave this out there, cos I feel it is something we all need to say ALOUD and ACCEPT…

Over the last few months, thanks to the onset of COVID-19, we are all cooped up inside our homes/spaces we were at that point of time, and the future/immediate weeks looks like it is going to more of the same. The whole “new normal” and “pandemic” have gotten to me as well. I grit my teeth every time I read these words or hear someone preach about how we all need to adapt…

I am all for adapting, and going with the flow, but have had a few moments over the last week where I could feel myself go vulnerable and just let down my guard completely. While that is fine, I felt like there was nobody to catch me when I fall…  And I wonder if that is my fault, in some way~

Those who know me, know I am a very put together, independent well-sorted person. I am that, 90% of the time, but hey I have my moments where I would like someone to check in, enquire if am alright or even just ping on chat… I know I dont have to be the cheerleader all the time, but sometimes it feels like I do all the cheering, with nobody on my corner cheering me on.

Yes yes, I do have 1-3 close friends/people who are always there for me, at my corner waiting to catch me when I fall, but I guess when you are in that weird mind space, none of this matters, you arent thinking clearly or being grateful for the few who care…. it’s just how our mind works.. Messing with me, and leaving us crippled..

I am not a worrier, nor am I an over-thinker, am one of those who loves to live everyday to its max, and looks only at the day ahead. I dont get affected easily, nor do I get hassled.. Most of which people assume is because I dont care, well I do care, just that I dont let it affect me. ]If that makes sense, and if it doesnt, its alright.. 🙂 ]

If you have someone in your life who checks-in on you, asks about your day or the updates you had shared, cherish them, know that they are doing it only out of LOVE, Affection and not out of anything else… … Not saying this to anyone in particular [ lest someone thinks am hitting at them], just shouting this out to the world….