Imagine biting into a thin crust that is oozing with flavours and the cheese is so rich and decadent? So inviting right? Well, that is exactly how the Supreme Veg pizza from JK Pizzeria was.. I kid you not..

Yesterday for lunch, we had their pizza and it was divine. Even though am not a pizza person, I love me a good thin crust pizza, one that is loaded with veggies, flavour of spices & basil through every bite and some rocket leaves on top… It has been a while since we had pizza, and this one had us all drooling from the minute I opened the box.

It might sound like am overhyping the pizza, but it is how it was. Gramma who doesn’t normally eat onions or garlic [once in a while she is ok, depends on the dish and her mood largely] asked for a slice of this, even before taking a serving of rice. Now that says something. Infact, she went for a 2nd slice as well. The base which was super thin was soft, and perfect. The slice did not sag under the weight of the toppings nor was it chewy, it was crisp but not biscuit-like.. We reserved 2 slices for dad [who had already finished lunch], but wished there was more.. I wasnt too happy eating rice after this yummy pizza.. 🙂

Over the last few months, I have come across the brand JK Cheese thanks to friends who have bought from them, and while I haven’t tried their cheeses, I did discover the pizzeria via Instagram and from that date, been wanting to order a pie or two. They don’t just sell cheese, they have a whole host of other things on their catalogue. It makes sense that they branched out to making pizzas, using these gourmet cheeses. I think the cheese on the Supreme veg had Pecorino cheese made with sheep’s milk, their menu showcases pizzas with different kinds of cheeses, am curious now about the Nutty goat cheese pizza.

The Pizzas are all 11 inches and priced between INR 275 – INR 390 [ good options for both veg & non veg].  They also customise pizzas according to your preferences, how cool is that?  They deliver via Swiggy, Zomato or dunzo…Apart from pizzas, they have a small menu for starters, pasta, wraps and even a rice combo. Go on, give them a try next time you feel like digging into a pizza..