You get so used to being on your own, you nearly forget what it means to interact with others

You get so used to being in your little bubble, you forget there are others who might want to join in

You get so comfortable in the routine you have chalked out, that it drives you crazy when someone tries to alter it

You get so used to doing things a certain way, you have lost the ability to accommodate/adjust

You are so tuned in to working a certain way, that you forget why some people don’t ask/consult before doing things

You breath easy knowing things are rolling along in a set pattern, you forget there are others who could wreck havoc and you need to not react

You live and love freely, you forget how the people around you are constantly judging and making assumptions

You are so used to putting yourself second, it baffles you when someone thinks of none but themselves –I ME MYSELF

You care and believe in expressing affection, but then there are those who shrug away your words and leave you lost and alone.. 

You are so used to counter arguing, debates & discussions; you forget how to react when some hate being contradicted/disagreed with & get angry instantly

You are so fond of communication and sharing, you fail to understand why some just don’t want to, especially about serious things

You chug along living life one day at a time, you struggle to understand why some are constantly complaining & talking about a future that isn’t here yet… 

You are happy being the way you are, but fail to understand why others work hard to bring you down and sling dirt at you constantly… 

You are so accustomed to working a particular format that you find it difficult to bend over for others who don’t respect your space or schedule

You are so happy in your room/personal space, you are glad you have that and can’t wait to retreat into it

You are so happy with silence; you have forgotten what it means to be around those who like to yap away, sometimes for no reason/with no purpose

You are so content being you… why isn’t that enough?!