There is always a first time, and this year was one such, for the birthday.. When I look back, I have been travelling on my Birthday for the last 6 odd years, and this year thanks to the Coronavirus I was in Chennai, and at home for the day~

From Sep 1st, I could feel the dread build within me, wondering how the birthday would be, and what the day would bring forth, but it actually sailed through quite nicely. All thanks to the lovely people in my life- friends & other loved ones.. In case you are wondering why I have friends and loved ones listed separately, it is cos friends are those who are part of your life, and yes, they do love & care about you, but loved ones are my support system, my goto people, my tribe- they mean more than the world to me ~

It was a Friday, and ever since the lockdown began, Fridays have been Frydays [at work], there is something or the other that has us going bonkers and it has invariably been a crazy packed challenging day. This Friday was no different, and then sometime during the day, I let it slip it was my birthday to a colleague and before I knew it, everyone at the client’s office knew and were wishing me on chat, and messages, and calls. The one thing they all asked was “why did you not take the day off”. While that would have been the case normally, under circumstances,I was happy to be busy through the day.

My bestie decided to surprise me with gifts that came knocking literally every alternate day, and most of them were personalised gifts- a towel, a water bottle, and a trinket box. Then came another set of gifts from another friend, again personalised- a phone case, a puzzle and a notebook- all with my photos  [featuring me] and then there was this friend who surprised me with this beautiful journal… gorgeous end to end.. I also got a set of cupcakes, with a twist- Bacardi Limon in cute little heart shaped pippets.. ;o)

Now, I am not someone who needs gifts or lavish moments to have her excited or happy, for me, i the highlight of the day is always wishes through phone calls and messages. I did miss a few, wondered if they forgot or something was wrong, I let them be… It so happened one of them forgot, and remembered it during the early hours of the next day, and wished me, apologised a million times for slipping up & even sent me a bouquet & box of chocolates [ a first in all the 5 yrs we have known each other].. another sent across an orchid plant, my 1st ever flowering plant that am now guarding with life, and making sure it stays alive and blossoms… The other friend however has gone AWOL, I have no clues whats happening with him… [just hope he is alright & just caught up with life]..

Well, yet another birthday gone by, am a year older, have I grown any wiser, only time will tell? But the fact that I survived a birthday at home, with no tears or drama, that is a big milestone… 🙂