Over the last few months, or even year, there have been quite a few home chefs and home bakers who have emerged, surprising us with their fare. Some create just one kind of dish/dessert, while others are whipping out an entire menu and putting together hampers that you could order as a gift. Oh and they are all on top of their game, using just instagram to reach out to people..

Here are the four such featured in this post [all from Chennai]. The one common thread to three of the four is that they are all foodies, and food bloggers, which is how I know them and all good friends… Need to clarify, have not been paid or bribed to say these nice things about their fare, they are genuinely amazing stuff..

Edible Gifting Solutions at The Brownbox company by @kamalika_krishmy

Hummus and Mustard Mayo..

Hummus and Mustard Mayo..

Whole wheat carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes with roasted almonds

Have known Kamalika for a few years, and she is a good friend as well. From the day we met, her love for food was quite obvious. Infact there is a running joke between us- when we go out to dine, I forbid her from listing down ingredients in a dish that we just had. but heck, that doesnt stop us from doing it anyways. She is also very dynamic and constantly trying new things, and experimenting. One such venture is The Brownbox company she launched awhile back, where she puts together hampers depending on the ask. Some might be all dry stuff, other times it might be cakes or dips. She has a range of dishes available, so head over to their instagram profile to place your order. Everything she whips out, you can be assured will be divine and you cannot just have a small bite/piece and leave it be…

Delicious cinnamon rolls from Baked by Faz by Fazil

Cinnamon rolls with Cream cheese frosting

Cinnamon rolls with Cream cheese, Mocha coffee & salted caramel frosting

This has been in the coming for a while now. Fellow blogger and a good friend, Fazil is another soul who is all about “food” and prides himself at being among the few who can devour a pate of desserts no matter how big the main meal was. His family is renowned for their biryani and now he has ventured into the world of cinnamon rolls. OH MY GOD, I cannot tell you how decadent these are. You have to try it to experience it. I have baked cinnamon rolls, well am going to leave it at that and not embarass myself any further. GO on, order a box of 2 or 4 and dig in.


Babka, quiches and more from Sara 

Chocolate Babka

Gosh, I dont even remember when I met Sara, but it has been a few years and she is a sweet friend [ who just lives far away, which is a good thing considering how all that she makes look so yummy & drool worthy] That said, nothing could stop me from ordering a Babka [dark chocolate]. It came nestled in butter paper inside a box and we all dug in as soon as it arrived. The ripples, the waves, the chocolate and warm bread around it- oh lordy lord, it was heaven with every bite. She also makes some amazing quiches, tarts, cakes and just about everything else you can dream off…So, go on, check out her profile and order away next time you are in the mood to indulge.

Exotic cakes and bakes from Svarg by Chitra 

Again, have known Chitra for years, but who knew she had a secret baker hidden inside. For this birthday, my bestie  surprised me with yumm lemon cupcakes baked by Chitra, and they were moist and I had to stop myself from polishing off all in the box. The highlight was that some of them had a pippet on them, filled with Bacardi Limon..glug glug..She also makes cookies and other desserts. You are in for a treat when you visit her profile..

Her latest release are these amazing Hot chocolate balls [with marshmallows & cocoa powder inside]

Hot Chocolate bombs

OK, now this post has made me hungry. Let me go find others who have been whipping up a storm while you check out these folks. Do let me know if you come across any others you think should be featured.. Will be doing more in this series..

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