After being cooped up at home for nearly 9-10months, I finally began venturing out.. Wore a mask, carried sanitizer, and took autos [ I thought autos were better than cabs, open and you don’t have to deal with other people’s stenches/bo, etc..]

Did meet friends for lunch and coffee, apart from which a friend and I decided to explore some of the new pubs that have opened up in the city. Here’s a quick round-up of the two resto pubs we went to –

Dank, Tnagar

I hadn’t stepped out in about 9 months or maybe even more and so when I got invited to check out this resto-pub in T Nagar, I was all set and ready.. The only wedge in my plan was the client wanted to do a review call and decided Saturday afternoon was going to be it. Throwing caution to the wind and praying the call doesn’t happen I lugged my laptop and everything and headed over to The Dank..

Situated in T Nagar just ahead of GRT hotel this is a fairly large property with enough parking space in the front. As I stepped through the door as I was in awe of the space – high ceiling spacious seating and a huge bar. Oh, not forget it was very very well lit.

I found a sofa seating with to others already waiting and made my way there soon after we got to meet the executive chef and Chef Saby, who also happens to be the culinary director who had come down from Delhi for the official launch of the pub.

Order a glass of white wine while we waited for the starters to arrive each of the dishes tasted different and unique textures and flavours and this ran all the way across the courses write down the desert there are popcorn covered corn cheese balls that yummy Pizza which is super thin and light (I think it the Lebanese version of the pizza) and for dessert, you had everything from Tres Leche to molten chocolate cake..

And lo behold, just as we were done with lunch I got a message that the afternoon review call was cancelled. I could feel myself relax and ended up spending another hour or so just chilling and doing a random staff at the pub by 3 o’clock the place was really full I was surprised to see large groups walking in and I thought to myself maybe weekends this is when people actually get out of bed and get out of their houses.

I got back home and shared news of this new pub with a couple of friends and one of them promptly messaged asking if we could head there Sunday night ( which happened to be the next day).

And with that, I kinda created a record of going to the same place twice in two days I am having an absolutely fabulous experience both times the Sunday evening was beautiful my friend and I found as a table upstairs and the food and drinks were just amazing.

This place was intended to be a microbrewery and I think the owners are still waiting for license and permit but for now, it’s a large spacious pub with a seating capacity of about 250 and on the second floor, they have opened the space for Sunday brunch.

Wondering where to go on a weekend and if you want to check out a new place then head over to Dank and meet Mr.Moose ( don’t ask me the story behind that character, nobody knows.. it’s a big mystery but you’ll find him on almost every wall, menu cards and across the place)

Meal for two – INR 1000 (not including alcohol/beverages).
Address: Citi Tower, 117, Sir Theagaraya Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 [right ahead of GRT hotels]
Open Hours: 12 PM to 11 PM
Phone: 099400 54545

The Living Room, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar. 

Source-Living Room Facebook page

The next new resto-pub that my friend and I check doubt is called the Living room in Shanthi Colony… sometime back, a friend had mentioned this place I joked around saying hopefully it fits not include a bedroom in the bathroom..

Located on the 3rd floor above NAC jewellery store this is again a huge spacious pub.Good thing I have booked a table ahead of time to the place looks fairly packed and larger crowds get streaming in till about 10 p.m. Again they had a huge bar, the sitting was comfortable – nice sofas, enough space between the tables to walk around /even dance, and quite swanky in terms of interiors..

Evening the music was amazing phenomenal and more they played tunes from 60 70 is 80 is all the way down to 90 is with Backstreet Boys I knew every single song and that made the evening magical. In fact, there are moments when a friend was talk something serious and I actually stopped to tell him “I’m sorry I’m just not able to pay attention to you, am enjoying the music all too much..

The food menu is quite extensive but we didn’t feel the portion size was slightly small.. the Podi Idli was amazing. After we were done with our drinks we in fact went ahead and ordered proper dinner they have combo meals -which are naan with a side dish and if needed you can order extra naan. Ordered one combo of naan -gravy and a 11-inch veg pizza.. they were yumm & in fact we kind of struggled to finish the pizza…

The one common thing I find about most of the pubs today is that there are almost similar in terms of pricing and options… just that the kind of music and space differs..

Until next time, party hard but party safe .. wear a mask!

Address: 3rd Floor, New No-73, AG Block 4th Avenue, 7th Main Rd, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040
Open Hours: 12 PM to 11 PM
Phone: 063850 82999