I love experimenting with food, trying out new recipes, and so when I spotted this Matar Kachori recipe shared by Sangeetha [her blog – http://www.healthfooddesivideshi.com], I knew I had to try it.

There were a few added bonuses
1. It was peas season [dec],
2. It was a No onion, no garlic recipe
3. Did not require yeast or the need to let the dough sit for 1/2hr or more to rise etc
4. Above all, this recipe seemed easy to whip up… I love simple recipes, if it sounds complicated I will steer clear…

Instead of writing a long winding post on the ingredients and process, am sharing images from the lady’s stories, which should help you recreate the dish.

               Step 1 – Grind green peas with ginger & green chillies


Step 2 – Saute the paste in some oil till it cooks out, if the consistency seems wet, add some Roasted Bengal gram flour


Step 3 – Make the dough with Maida, salt & water -like puri dough… Flatten it out a bit and place the filling & pack it in -ensure no paste is leaking out.


Step 4 – Time to fry them up in hot oil. Don’t worry, it won’t burst or leak out..


The Final output – yummy Matar Kachori

What was the new recipe you tried out recently? Do share… would love to add to my collection~

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