I have moved towns. Moved from the South to the Northern part of India. Moved from living with family to living with a friend…
I am all settled in and going about my routine. We had a guy [R] come in and clean the house, but he was going away to his village and so has left a woman[A] in his place. She is good, goes about the work quietly and so we have engaged her on a monthly basis plus her salary is much lesser than what the guy was demanding.

So, what’s the issue, you ask? She is so curious, it blows my mind away, and this happens every single day! lol.. Yes, you read it right..

Here is what happened the 1st day she came – she headed into the kitchen and came out to beckon me with a nod of her head, started rambling in Marathi. I stared at her, told her I know Hindi and proceeded to chat. She knew little Hindi and her 1st question was “How do you not know Marathi, you don’t know any Marathi?” I replied that I wasn’t from here and so did not know, but shall learn. She bought that explanation and went about her duties.

I was in my room, working on the laptop when she came to sweep & clean. She paused to ask if I worked from home and how was i away here from family. Fair enough – I answered her and resumed work.

She on the other hand was not done.  She came around and said she did not know much of Hindi or English, even though her child was learning English through his online classes. I gave in, enquired about her child who is all of 3 and has 2hrs of online classes daily. She said he learns English but since she does not know the language, is unable to help him.  Told her that maybe she could sit with him, and learn. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

Finally, she was done with her questions for the day. I went on with my day sure that the next day would bring something interesting my way!!

The friend was like “oh my god, you have so much patience and why is she so curious”. I just smiled and said pepole~ it is always amusing to observe them and I don’t get pissed off, happy to give an answer that will satiate her curiosity and move on. Otherwise, she is likely to take this news and go gossip, which could lead to trouble for us later.”

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