During my most recent flight, there was a lot of drama and uncertainty! In fact, till we took off, I wasn’t sure if we were gonna actually take off and make it to the destination.

Why? Well, I was flying out of Chennai on Nov 11th, one of the many crazy days when it rained nonstop along with crazy winds, all thanks to a depression lurking about. I took the metro and reached the airport a good 2.5hrs ahead of my flight time, just playing it safe~ Could hear the winds through the roof, and we waited patiently for the flight announcements. The flight was supposed to take off from Chennai at 11.40 [boarding was to commence around 10.55 am], but there was no news till 11.35 when we got a message telling us about a gate change. All of us rushed to the newly assigned gate. And thus began the 2nd waiting game.

Thanks to a friend, I knew of a site that gave us live updates of airlines and knew that my flight hadn’t yet landed in Chennai, it was still circling waiting for clearance~ The flight finally landed around 12.05 pm, we could see passengers alight and therein began boarding. Phew, ~ Got into the light around 12.35 pm and had to wait some more. Could see the rains and wind howling away outside the window and prayed the flight would take off, fly safe and reach the destination in one piece.  Finally… finally… we took off around 1.30 pm, with the initial few minutes quite turbulent thanks to the rains and dark clouds, but soon reached the skies where all we saw were blue clear skies.  Was such a relief~

While deplaning, spotted the Pilots and thanked them. One of them commented they did consider grounding the plane but then were told skies were clear after a certain distance. Guess what, Chennai airport halted arrivals soon after, 1 pm to 6 pm, so if my flight had arrived a half-hour late, I would be stuck looking for alternative flights or drag myself back home…

Here are a few pictures shot from my flight..

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