Hoysala trail… Coffee trail.. bird watching…!!

A day after our cousin’s wedding, Lakshmi called and that was it!! She and a friend were organising a tour, for close friends, as an inaugural offer.. Without a blink , i said YES,AM IN!! She then sent me a mail with info about the tour- we were to cover about...

Hola… am back!!! :)

Gosh, its been so long since i was here… Just caught up wit work and life… NO time to breath or indulge in writing of any sort but work related!!! sad state!! i know, which is why these days if i get a bit of spare time, i get out of the house, grab hold...

A weekend like never before… :)

No,am not talking about this weekend,duh~ its just starting, am referring to the one that went by.. Oh,what a weekend it was.. absolutely amazing and way too much fun.. plus the beautiful sexy weather of Blore.. cool,cold and rains.. i love it there.. was talking to...

HI tech or wat….

Monday morn, got this on mail from a friend.. and well,i wonder if its true or not..but anyways, its interesting alright…Technology on street.. A techie transfers fund for a penalty from his laptop near Trinity Circle in Bangalore on Tuesday ….

Blore it is.. alas trip came to an end…3

Day 5 Couldn’t sleep much and so was up by 7… lolled abt in the bed and finally got off.. showered and had breakfast and that was when vincent sms’d asking if we can meet for lunch or coffee n i said lunch, so he said,ok and that rajesh(don,the guy i met in...
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