Day 9 – Together

It has been a long day, so for a change am gonna do no talking and let the picture do all the talking!! 🙂 participating in my 1st Wordless Wednesday…2 wooden dolls that adorn the walls of my uncle’s living room that caught my eye!!

English? not Hindi?

As i hopped on the train from Madgaon,Goa to Chennai [err, the Travelogue will follow, patience!! ], a french couple[FM -french man & FW-French woman-duh!!] also got into our compartment along with couple of others.. A family, assuming Kannadigas[cos they spoke...

Love is in the Air.. and everywhere else too.. :)

Yesterday…. Feb 13th… just another regular boring day You wake up… have breakfast.. go to college/work/or jus loaf about Day goes by… talk to ur love or maybe exchange a few sms’s, nothing major… Night falls, u go to sleep and well,...
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