[sharing] How to Stop Overthinking Everything: 9 Simple Habits

I came across this piece on www.thebuddhistvision.com/how-to-stop-overthinking-everything-9-simple-habits/ and thought it deserved to be shared!! These are very points that I keep telling people around me to help them tide over things that bog them down!! Read on...

N for New Address

After years of yearning After months of searching After hours of deliberating I have finally done it. I now have a new address. I have moved And now can proudly say “I live on my own” So what if I don’t own the place, for as long as I live here, this...

Serene Sunday…. Her space

“Are you sleeping? Oh ok, carry on, wont wake you up. It is nearly 8am, where you up late last night? too much work is it? why?” a barrage of questions rattled her in the half asleep state. She was shaken up, could feel her body shaking. This is what...
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