Growing old and other such fun things

No, this has nothing to do with a big birthday that is coming up few months down the road. It is more about dealing with people and age and other such things.  I live with my gramma [mom’s mom], I had been living with her and grandpa for a good decade...

September Tag- Day 26- Something Old

  Well, its been a crazy morning..Was to have packed and been away on a mini holiday, alas, Mister Murphy seems to have had other things in mind… The trip is cancelled and i am still in town, but the day’s been relatively easy… 🙂 The theme for...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button….

I had been getting mixed reviews about this movie, only my friend Anita had said its a good movie, watch it, i know you will like it… 🙂 our tastes do match!!! Anyways, reached Satyam around 6.40 and made our way inside and eagerly waited for the movie.. I had no...
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